Week 2 Day 4 10km re-training

I have to run in the mornings now as its cooler and i cant run at 9pm when its cooler in the evenings as we eat dinner at 8pm so seems silly to run after i eat.

So this morning I was up at 7am part of me complaining i didnt want to go out and run lol I made Alex breakfast fed the cat, had some water stretched and by 7.40am i was out in the park.

It was a lot cooler and actually felt really nice to be outside. So i started my run slowly my pace being 11.28 for the first mile which i think is really good! I stopped for 30 secs when i finished the first mile then plunged on to do the second one.

Second mile was harder i was begining to feel hot in the 25c which was rising as today its going to be 35c again! I stopped for 30 secs again after finishing the second mile.

Oh what a mistake! I was sweating and hot and felt really dizzy!! but i pushed myself onwards to finish half a mile!

So i completed my 2 and half miles which im really pleased with πŸ˜€ so this week is 2 and half miles running when i go out hopefully for mornings this week.

Im also thinking about sticking with 2 and half miles next week as well as my sister and niece are here then the following week start on 3 mile runs or more likely 5km runs.

Also today i started the next section of the P90X weights wotkout for shoulders, chest & triceps. And i was pretty nervous about doing it! Some of the moves looked really hard! :/

And OMG i was right!!! single arm pushups??!? i was like WTF??! honestly i did try to do them but my arm refused to bend when i tried!!! Im just amazed people are able to do them!

So this new workout is going to be a challenge and some of these moves im going to have to work towards being able to do properly.

My arms feel so tired right now after doing all that its crazy! more than the other P90X weights workout i was doing before! I even had to take some weight off and use 8kg weight (two 4kg weights each hand) as i just couldnt do it with my 10kgs ones!

My t-shirt was completely soaked at the end and when i got on the floor at the end to do the cool down i was slipping and sliding on the marble floor as my back & legs were so sweaty!!

Im knackered now lol! Should see some good results from these though πŸ™‚ i just have to remember to use lighter weights on some of the moves then build towards using the heavier ones!


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