Family visiting

So my sister and niece are visting for a week! They have been here since tuesday night and we are having alot of fun.

I had planned on running while they were here and doing my weights but i havent had time at all!!

The first day of sightseeing which was wednesday we walked 10 miles!!! in 36c! so there was alot of exercise and sweating and my feet were so tired after that! I was very happy when i finally got a sit down in the evening lol

Thursday we did 5 miles! we went to the zoo in 35c and wandered around staring at animals and eating icecream.

Friday we went swimming for 3 hours at an out door swimming pool near Eur Palasport and i did some pullups using the side of the pool which was fun and so we all ended up doing them lol then we had a 3 mile walk in the park and market.

My friend Marina came and met us and gave us a lift home and we slightly got lost on the way there which was a fun mini adventure!

Saturday was a rest day we just walked 1 mile in the local park and watched some tv and played some wii games.

Sunday which is today we went for a walk round the big shopping Mall Porta di Roma and bought some clothes and stared at the puppies in the pet shop.

Im going to resume my normal exercises on thursday as they go home wednesday evening. Im doing more exercise walking round with them all day at the moment lol and noticed some more hip weightloss to! yippiee!

Im feeling much better about my haircut now it makes my neck look longer and its easier to wash, dry and go then having longer hair.



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