Family visit Part 2

So monday we had a long walk round near St Peters square in 35c temp. We were finishing the sight seeing for my niece and sister and looking for a present for my sister’s boyfriend.

We ended up walking another 10 miles that day even though i had promised we wouldnt walk that far again! it just kinda happened! :/

Tuesday we were still looking for the present and stuck around my area as it was 39c temp! :/ we did manage to get my Sisters boyfriend some drum sticks as his gift. We walked about 4 miles that day and i had to lay down in the afternoon as i think i had slight sunstroke.

Today which is wednesday we went swimming and walked about 3 miles 🙂 it was alot of fun in the little pool and it was nice to cool off again as today its 36c.

Starting to wish we had some rain! the hotter it gets here the more unbearable it is.

Anyway they go home tonight back to the UK and there happy to be going home! Although they enjoyed there visit here 🙂

I have kinda joined some paleo food groups on twitter and facebook. The more i hear about it the more i like the sound of that life style with food! Basically you eat like a caveman and no processed foods.

I have been kinda eating this way for 2 months now on and off. Although i have found it hard with people visiting.

I intend to get more into it this next week! Along with running again and walking in the mornings when its not so hot! I want to burn at least 500 calories a day from walk/running. Then of course 4 days of weights a week 🙂 which i have been missing this week.

I was evening doing pulls ups again on the side of the swimming pool today lol


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