Paleo vs Living in Italy

Friday i did a lovely 4 mile power walk in the morning! steady fast pace that my bum muscles were aching at the end of it lol as i held everything in tight while i walked.

Today we went food shopping and i quite happily gathered my veggies and lean meats for my meals in the week. Then found Alex had grabbed massive hot dogs and wanted us to eat them for dinner along with brown bread and he wanted to cook them so wouldnt take no for an answer. I know hes trying to be sweet but i keep trying to explain to him whats better for us to eat but he just doesnt seem to want to pick it up and i cant force him to.

It was then i realised i might never completely escape processed food and have a successful Paleo lifestyle……..

I live in Italy Roma and here its the land of pasta and pizza and EVERYONE eats it!

I have managed to get Alex to start eating them only once a week but i will never be able to get it cut out completey as these foods are part of the culture here! Everywhere you go theres pizza and pasta places. Where as in England you have sandwich places on the highstreet for the lunch crowd here its the pizza places.

You go to someones house for dinner and its usually pasta you are given as its what they eat! whats easiest!

Alot of the restaraunts you eat out at sell pizza and pasta and if your lucky meat and veggies but smoothered in alot of olive oil (swimming in it to be exact). In the supermarket theres a whole section of different pasta! Italians take pride in there food!

So im going to do my damned hardest to pick the healthiest options and try to stay away from to many carbs. Its already hard enough with Alex not liking very many veggies/fruit and he hates eating meat everyday. He seems very happy with his pizza and pasta! after all he is italian and thats what hes used to! 🙂

So i will carry on buying my museli, eggs, minced turkey, chicken, veggies and fruit and occasional pork chop and just smile when Alex raises an eyebrow and thinks im eating to many eggs.

Or looks horrified when i say i eat cucumbers raw and he tells me i should cook them as i could get bad bacteria from them lol (weird italian way of thinking! hot cucumber?!?!)

Im losing weight i can see it in my looser feeling clothes even if the scale isnt moving anymore 🙂 I just have to keep up with the good work and realise i will have moments when i slip up or it cant be helped that im gonna eat bread or pasta or pizza if we go out sometimes.

That i have come really far from where i was 2 years ago and that this IS my lifestyle now 🙂 I feel stronger and much healither now then i ever have!





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