5km run & 4 mile power walk

So yesterday i went out in the morning intending to do my powerwalk. But as i got outside i saw a few people running and though sod it im going to run!

So i rushed back inside got changed into running gear and went back out for a run! I decided to do a 5km run and see how i went.

I ran slowly as it was already hotting up and i didnt want to burn out quickly. My legs felt fine and strong probably from the power walking i have been doing 🙂 I felt sick 4 times while running and had to pause my watch and stop for a minute a few times before carrying on. This was the heat as it was going to be 36c that day and the temp rises quickly in the morning.

I was very happy when i was done and hot! When i got in i found that the temp had gone from 23c to 36c in 30mins!! So i think i will stick to 5km runs until the temp drops again here.

I managed a 5km run in 38mins not bad but i want to get back to around 35mins or under which is my goal.

I did 1 hour of weights then relaxed reading for a while.

Today i did a 4.30 mile power walk in the big park and really went for it. My hands were slightly swollen again but not as bad as the other day!

I really went hard and kept my pace up fast the whole time and when i got home and relaxed my legs felt tired and stiff lol Glad to see my walking is having an effect.

I have decided to do 3 days of 5km runs in the week and 2 or 3 power walks (so 6 days a week) this way i build up different muscles as you use slightly different muscles to walk and run.


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