Ancora and Fabriano weekend away

So this weekend we made a 3 hour drive to Ancora where a friend of ours was getting married! Being an Italian wedding i expected lots of noise and lots of food and boy i wasnt disappointed! lol

We travelled there with 2 friends in our car Alex was driving. I hadnt been to Ancora or Fabriano before and was looking forwards to seeing somewhere new.


Our friends were staying in the big hotel where the wedding party was staying a mile from our B&B. While they were taking there bags in i found a friendly told deaf cat and sat outside giving her a fuss for 30 minutes which she loved 🙂 

I really liked the B&B we stayed in it was very friendly and the room felt warm and welcoming. Also the lady had 6 cats! so i  was a happy bunny as i love animals.

We got changed at the B&B then travelled the hour in the car to the church. It was in the car i realised my dress was quite short when i sat down and people could see my hairy knees!!! noooo!! i couldnt believe it lol i had shaved my legs but had left my knees!

Alex mentioned the fact in the car and we all laughted about it, i said i would sit with my bag on my knees to cover them and one friend said i would look like a proper english lady lol

I also noticed my legs were brown and my feet where white from where i had woren trainers all summer! it was then i though oh well everyone will be looking at the bride not me 😛

Ancora i wasnt sure of i didnt like the town itself but the church where the service was held was really nice! and it was over looking the port so you could see all the ships and ferries! Alex loved this as he loves ships and everything to do with them so i caught him alot standing by the wall staring down at it all lol.

The wedding was a beautfiul affair the bride looks radiant and lovely and the groom loved nervous. It was my first wedding in Italy i have been to which wasnt my own. Also this was a church affair so it was very different! The wedding itself went on from 4pm for over an hour then everyone ran outside to get ready to throw rice and take photos!

Then we hopped back into the car to race the 1 hour back to the hotel where the wedding dinner was being held so we would get parked lol! we reached the place in plenty of time with lots of parking spaces at 7.30pm.

When all the guests had arrived they bought out lots of little buffet starters like veggie and egg keeish (not sure how you spell that) then fried veggies, fried cream which was so so nice! lots of procuitto and salame etc etc

We tried not to eat to much as we knew the dinner would be big and we didnt want to struggle with it.

9pm the Bride and Groom turned up as they had been off having photos taken! So then we all went in for dinner! This is when all the food began lol! white meat with a salad, turkey with potatoes, mushroom lazagna, duck in sauce with pasta, roasted pork and salad!! OMG there was so much and it was set meals! The pork dish i had to refuse as i was feeling really sick and over full!




I also had a bad headache as Italians can be really loud and they had music blaring the whole meal! I drank loads of water and tried to prepare myself for the cake i knew would follow!

It was then i realised my bra had some how become undone!! lol i dont know how but it was. So i excused myself and went to the ladies to sort it out! thank goodness my dress didnt show cleavage or people would have noticed lol

We all went outside for cake and there was alot of cake! lots of different types! yummy! so i tried a few! Then we excused ourselves and went back to the B&B at midnight as i was knackered and my headache was worse. I took a pain killer and was out like a light!

In the morning we went down for breakfast and i really liked the ladies breakfast ware it was so cute with little birds on it! Alex took the ladies card as we both talked about going back for a weekend to explore the area as it was so nice!

We went back to the hotel to find our friend who had stayed there. I saw the friendly deaf cat again and gave her a fuss which she loved!

Then i found a dog which looks exactly like my dad’s dog but which was female and i sat for an hour giving her a fuss to 😛 loved that dog so much lol 

The drive home was long and i fell asleep several times but was glad to get home again after some pasta for a late lunch with our friends at there house!

It was a good weekend but exhausting!


Humid and raining run

This morning i went out for my long 3 mile run in the little park. It was a humid 18c so it felt sticky even though it was overcast. I dont know whats going on with the weather lately as i thought it would get a bit cooler but it seems to be on 28c-30c alot lately and hot at night which is annoying!

So i started the run paying attention to my Garmin to stay under 12 minute miles. It started to spit with rain half a mile into my run which helped a bit with the sweatyness!

Coming up to the first mile i tripped and went flying almost falling on my face but managed to get my balance and right myself! It was a second of panic at first but luckily i didnt fall over lol

The next couple of miles i kept my eyes on the ground so it wouldnt happen again!

Last mile it started to rain alot but i didnt mind it was acutally quite refreshing. I got a tight left calf on that mile and my lower back on the right side hurt a bit so i pulled in my abs and that seemed to help a little.

Im off to a wedding in Ancora on the weekend and the wedding dinner is going to be a huge amount of food with a crazy amount of courses! As thats how Italians like to do it lol. So probably 3-4 pasta starters each! then veggies and meat, more meat and then of course desserts!

So im a bit worried about all that food but i have never been to an Italian wedding before only my own lol So im going to enjoy it and then work hard next week to burn it all off again 🙂

Im not doing any other workouts today as my lower back is a bit stiff from the run. So its just bath, wash hair and prepare all the stuff for the weekend away! 🙂

Wheres my Autumn weather?

Yesterday (wednesday) I took as a rest day from running so all i did was 30 minutes of stability ball cardio/abs. Then a 2 mile walk in the afternoon as i was going to start Italian lessons.

I got near the place for my italian lessons a bit early then found out the lesson was cancelled for that day as my friend who’s teaching me wasnt feeling well. So i walked back through one of the markets i like just to window shop as im saving money right now. I saw a nice Giraffe coat which i knew my friend Marina would like so i let her know where to find it!

Today was short run day and i was ready to go out in the little park by 9.45am and discovered it was already 24c!!!!!! Holy heck! as they last few weeks its only been 16-18c that early! So i knew i was going to get a bit hot!

Run was good i kept below 12 minute miles like normal, ran the whole was and really got into my music. Was singing along to my music and didnt realise i had gone over my target miles lol So i ended up doing 2 miles today!  

I was all hot and sweaty by the end and loved it! Nothing better than being sweaty after a good run or weights workout to let you know you ave worked hard!

All i can say is wheres my Autumn cooler weather?? Its almost October and its still really warm here in Italy! I would like something like 18c-20c which would be nicer running weather! Although saying that i will probably get my fill of cold weather when i go the the UK for 2 weeks in 8 days time!! lol

I got really tired after lunch time and ended up having a 2 hour nap! So i didnt do any of my workout videos today.

House cleaning done today! side cleaning, dish washer sorted out, mopping and hoovering done!

I have noticed i always get hungry now after a run/workout and always seem to be thinking about what to have for lunch or dinner! Also i got very dizzy alot today so i need to add carbs to my lunches not just veggies and protein as my blood sugar went low.

3 miles run and no more river route!

So this morning Alex took the day off as he didnt sleep well last night and was not feeling well. So i was certain i wasnt going to run today! But Alex went back to bed and i decided i could get my long run done while he was sleeping.

I dont like workout when hes home i would rather spend the time with him and especially when hes not feeling well i like to look after him.

So quickly getting my running gear on i headed out into the little park for my long 3 mile run. It was a nice temp cooler, although i forgot to check exactly what it was before coming out! lol

I ran through the little park all the way under the bridge where i saw the Army men partrolling again. I have seen them every day i have been running down there so its been a good 2-3 weeks!

So i passed the 8 army men and carried on along the lonely path along the river near the alotments! If you read my post on my last long run thats where i saw the snake!

Anyway i noticed some flowers in a vase on part of the path with a name and date on it. It was then i realised someone must have been killed down there and thats why the Army men have been partrolling. It suddenly felt a bit scary and i turned back once i saw that and headed back to the little park where there were plenty of people about.

So i dont think i will be going down there again…i might stick to the little park area where theres alot of people or just go to the bigger park which is full of runners.

The run itself went really well! I ran the whole 3 miles without stopping!! yay! usually i have two 3o second stops midway through but not this time! And i even ran up the little hill i hate nonstop to!! I usually have to walk up it!

So this slow run training is working! making me stronger and giving me more stamina! YAY!

Alex said something really funny at lunchtime! He saw my plate full of veggies and said i was eating to much! awwww lool I explained to him veggies are low in calories so you can eat loads of them! Plus there good for you!

This coming from the man who doesnt like alot of veggies and pulls a face like a six year old when there on his dinner plate lool! Although our healthier dinners must be doing something for him as i noticed hes lost weight on his belly to! 😛

He also said this morning he noticed i have visable muscles in my bottom now!! yay!! thats so sweet! lol  

1.5 mile slow run :)

So this morning it was a short run of 1.5 miles according to my plan im following. So i was out at 10am in the little park. I decided to run a bit faster than the 12 minute miles im supposed to be doing and it felt really nice to stretch my legs!

Again i really need to drink more water and i keep forgetting to stretch for the short runs which is really bad of me! Apart from that the run was fine. 

next week my miles go up a bit which will be nice! Im really glad im following this plan to get me back into running after so many months of not running. Its better than me going out and running 10km’s straight away as your more likely to injure yourself that way. Its way better to build up slowly like im doing which will prepare me for later training and longer runs.

I was so happy yesterday as i fitted into a t-shirt i bought a few years ago which had always been to tight on me especially around my belly but yesterday i tired it on and it fits perfectly! YAY!

So all this working out and eating clean is doing something! 😀

I had the plank poilce on twitter after me again as i havent been planking on the weekend! Its scary lol so i better make sure im planking once a day!

Veggie shopping done again today for the week and i found celery! which i havent seen before in there so grabbed some of that! Along with the normal carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions 🙂

Plank of the day was held for 1 minute 30 seconds.

1 hour of P90X tricep weights workout done 🙂 feeling strong! Alex has noticed im stronger now and i think i have him scared lmao!

11 more days until im in the UK! im getting really excited about it! As i have more and more stuff planned to do with my sister and Niece and my mum and dad! 😀

Then of course my Brother and his girlfriend are coming back to Roma with me afterwards for a week! So it will be a non-stop busy 3 weeks! 😛

So im kinda busy at the moment working my butt off to get in shape for my visit and preparing everything to go and for when im gone!

3.5 miles long slow run

This morning i was up and ready to do my long run which was 3.5 miles! It was 15c and sunny and perfect for a long run in the big park!

I discovered as i put on my running shoes that i had dog poop on the sole of one! yuk! alot of dried dog poop 😦 I dont always remember to check my shoes after a run but im going to start to from now on. It took me 5 minutes to power wash it all off it was gross! People really need to pick up there dogs poo so i dont run in it! grrr

Anyway i had decided to go to the bigger park as there were always more runners there and more to see. So the run was long and slow lol i felt fine throughout it. Half way through i really needed to pee but kept going with  ” i need to pee” chanting in my head!

Left calf felt a bit tight but that was all. At one point i was crossing some traffic lights and decided to run faster as it was green for walkers. I ran really fast and felt good! So i think this slow running is going to make me run faster lol

So im thinking about only doing races i get a medal in…im a bit tired of paying for the short races here in Roma and getting a cotton t-shirt or plastic bag for them. Plus i dont want to run short races anymore i would rather do 10km’s or more unless i found a 5km with a medal like the race for life runs in the UK.

So i still want to do the ‘Werunrome’ 10km as you get a cool top from them and its 10kms, then the RomaOstia Half Marathon in feb which will be my first Half Marathon.

Then im thinking about some races in the UK maybe 10km’s or another Half Marathon when i visit my parents twice a year. And then also a long race in France when i go visit my friend Jess.

That way i have them spread out during the year and time to train. I might still do some race for life/cure here in Roma which is 5km or 10km as there for chairty and would be fun like the Womens race in Bologna. So thats my new plan!

The plank police on twitter where after me today as i havent done my plank a day for a while lol Its kinda funny getting a tweet from them but it keeps you on your toes!

So my pank today was held for 2 minutes and 20 seconds!

I also did my 30 minutes abs/cardio stability ball workout! This is really helping me tighten up! I notice a difference each time i do it! And getting a stronger core for a runner is always good!

1.5 Mile run

Yesterday (wednesday) morning i went to get my Italian Identity card! YAY! finally i have it after waiting for so long! It makes me feel a bit more part of italy! and i can also sign up to a running groups/federation now i have it if i want to do the longer races here in Roma!

So after that i was extremely lazy and didnt do any exercise that day! I did sit on the stability ball though all day lol

So this morning i was determined to get out and do my short run 🙂 It was 18c out and sunny when i got into the little park. There is a bit of a cold breeze now so everyone walking about are in light jumpers and jackets you can feel its becoming Autumn!

So my run was a short slow 1.5 miles which went perfectly and i felt fine 🙂 Noticed my Garmin was jumping about a bit on the mins per mile again! and the sky was clear of clouds so dont know whats going on there! grrr

Again used the stability ball as a seat all day can feel it in my abs when i do this its great!

Ohh last night we went out to the pub with some friends and i wore my ‘animal’ jumper which fits perfectly now!! yippiee!

Im back to drinking my Lipton green tea with mint! 😀 I didnt like some of the Twinnings mixed green teas i tried so decided to stick to what i like!

Then it was house cleaning time! which i did from top to bottom! sides cleaned, floors hoovered and mopped etc etc! phew!

Then i fell asleep in the afternoon for about an hour…i seem to be doing that alot lately falling asleep in the afternoons if i sit or lay on the bed or sofa. Not sure why maybe because im running again maybe? as i wasnt doing it before i started running again!

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