Feeling lonely

The weekend i did no exercise infact i was bad and ate tons of bread and pasta…i felt a bit sick after the pasta as well as i havent had it in  while so that wasnt to good!

So this morning i wake up feeling a bit over emotional and not wanting Alex to go to work and leave me alone. I actually cried because i didnt want him  to go but he couldnt have a day off as he had deadlines to meet 😦

After he left i crawled back into bed and slept for another 3 hours which isnt like me!! I ended up getting up at 11.21am!

I felt really down depressed and desperately lonely…….i chatted to my friend Jess on Msn as she was around and felt slightly better.

I didnt feel motivated or wanting to do exercise so i thought sod it im going to do nothing this week as i feel so down and crappy why should i?

But about 4pm i started to get cabin fever and needed to get outside…..so putting my trainers on i went for a 4 mile walk and felt slightly better.

I was still a bit teary when i got home and feel so tired again now…….maybe its the change in weather or the fact the summer is over. As Jess has been feeling low in energy lately to.

I just really miss my family in the UK right now….and the freedom i have there! with talking to people in shops etc and not battling for words in italian. Or having friends to go hang out with more..or be around more people.

Jess reminded me i want to do an italian class to improve my bad italian and meet some more people. So i started looking at the links i had saved and found a few free italian courses in the day/evenings. I will get Alex to check it out for me and re-read it just to make sure they are what they say.



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