Running Plan begins!

This morning i started my Autumn running plan yay!! So this morning i got up and wanted breakfast before running so i messed about til 10am then went for a run in 20c.

Wow did i struggle! i was only doing 1 mile and half and i just didnt feel happy doing it. I got tired really quickly and hot and was just happy when it was over! I did a half a mile walk on the way back so i did 2 miles in total!

I hope i wont struggle with my 3 mile run tomorrow! which i will do before breakfast this time.

I did 60 re-verse crunches again which was good and i need to start doing more than that.

Also big news i planked today for 3 MINUTES!! Thats right a whole 3 minutes!!!! im so impressed with myself!!!! i must be getting stronger lol the longest plank hold i have done before is 2 minutes 30 seconds! πŸ˜›

Also 30 minutes of stability ball abs cardio done as well.

Im seeing difference already which is making me happy i just have to keep at it πŸ™‚

Also Alex watched a health show last night with Jamie Oliver and they talked about what happens to your liver when it has fat in it from not eating healthy and having to much junk food and being over weight and not healthy. I think it scared him as he said he wants to start eating more healthy now more veggies, protein and he wants to start walking more!

I will have to see it to believe it lol but at least hes started talking about it so thats a start!Β 


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