Slow Training begins

I am starting to do slow Training so running under 12 minute miles. As this builds up endurance and distance for longer runs. I set my Garmin watch to alert me when i went over 12mi so i could stick to a slower pace.

So this morning at 10am i went outside to start. It was only 20c and feeling fresh as it had rained the night before perfect running weather!

I was only doing a mile and half this morning according to my training plan. I started off well enough but then my Garmin started beeping at me telling me i was going to fast! So i slowed right down to a really really slow run which felt soooooo weird!!

My Garmin then freaked out on me saying i was doing 8mi, then 10mi then 21mi in a matter of seconds! I have a feeling the GPS wasnt connecting properly either that or it doesnt like my training pace. Its something im going to have to keep an eye on.

I did notice at this slower pace i didnt need to take any 30 second breaks or pauses i ran the whole thing without stopping and i didnt get out of breath either which was a nice change! No bright red face!! I was sweating alot though at the end which was good!

Run went fine i didnt get any aches or pains at all so i think im going to enjoy this slower pace running which will help build up my endurance and distance!

Also i have found a Halloween virtual run for october!! It looks fun and they send you a t-shirt and medal as well! You can run it anywhere you want even your normal running path or even walk it. So i might be giving it a go as it could be alot of fun! 😀




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