1.5 Mile run

Yesterday (wednesday) morning i went to get my Italian Identity card! YAY! finally i have it after waiting for so long! It makes me feel a bit more part of italy! and i can also sign up to a running groups/federation now i have it if i want to do the longer races here in Roma!

So after that i was extremely lazy and didnt do any exercise that day! I did sit on the stability ball though all day lol

So this morning i was determined to get out and do my short run 🙂 It was 18c out and sunny when i got into the little park. There is a bit of a cold breeze now so everyone walking about are in light jumpers and jackets you can feel its becoming Autumn!

So my run was a short slow 1.5 miles which went perfectly and i felt fine 🙂 Noticed my Garmin was jumping about a bit on the mins per mile again! and the sky was clear of clouds so dont know whats going on there! grrr

Again used the stability ball as a seat all day can feel it in my abs when i do this its great!

Ohh last night we went out to the pub with some friends and i wore my ‘animal’ jumper which fits perfectly now!! yippiee!

Im back to drinking my Lipton green tea with mint! 😀 I didnt like some of the Twinnings mixed green teas i tried so decided to stick to what i like!

Then it was house cleaning time! which i did from top to bottom! sides cleaned, floors hoovered and mopped etc etc! phew!

Then i fell asleep in the afternoon for about an hour…i seem to be doing that alot lately falling asleep in the afternoons if i sit or lay on the bed or sofa. Not sure why maybe because im running again maybe? as i wasnt doing it before i started running again!


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