3.5 miles long slow run

This morning i was up and ready to do my long run which was 3.5 miles! It was 15c and sunny and perfect for a long run in the big park!

I discovered as i put on my running shoes that i had dog poop on the sole of one! yuk! alot of dried dog poop ūüė¶ I dont always remember to check my shoes after a run but im going to start to from now on. It took me 5 minutes to power wash it all off it was gross! People really need to pick up there dogs poo so i dont run in it! grrr

Anyway i had decided to go to the bigger park as there were always more runners there and more to see. So the run was long and slow lol i felt fine throughout it. Half way through i really needed to pee but kept going with¬† ” i need to pee” chanting in my head!

Left calf felt a bit tight but that was all. At one point i was crossing some traffic lights and decided to run faster as it was green for walkers. I ran really fast and felt good! So i think this slow running is going to make me run faster lol

So im thinking about only doing races i get a medal in…im a bit tired of paying for¬†the short races here in Roma and getting a cotton t-shirt or plastic bag for them. Plus i dont want to run short races anymore i would rather do 10km’s or more unless i found a 5km with a medal like¬†the race for life runs in the¬†UK.

So i still¬†want to do the ‘Werunrome’ 10km as you get a cool top from them and its 10kms, then the¬†RomaOstia Half Marathon in feb which will be my first Half Marathon.

Then im thinking about some races in the UK maybe 10km’s or another Half Marathon when i visit my parents twice a year. And then also a long race in France when i go visit my friend Jess.

That way i have them spread out during the year and time to train. I might still do some race for life/cure here in Roma which is 5km or 10km as there for chairty and would be fun like the Womens race in Bologna. So thats my new plan!

The plank police on twitter where after me today as i havent done my plank a day for a while lol Its kinda funny getting a tweet from them but it keeps you on your toes!

So my pank today was held for 2 minutes and 20 seconds!

I also did my 30 minutes abs/cardio stability ball workout! This is really helping me tighten up! I notice a difference each time i do it! And getting a stronger core for a runner is always good!


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