1.5 mile slow run :)

So this morning it was a short run of 1.5 miles according to my plan im following. So i was out at 10am in the little park. I decided to run a bit faster than the 12 minute miles im supposed to be doing and it felt really nice to stretch my legs!

Again i really need to drink more water and i keep forgetting to stretch for the short runs which is really bad of me! Apart from that the run was fine. 

next week my miles go up a bit which will be nice! Im really glad im following this plan to get me back into running after so many months of not running. Its better than me going out and running 10km’s straight away as your more likely to injure yourself that way. Its way better to build up slowly like im doing which will prepare me for later training and longer runs.

I was so happy yesterday as i fitted into a t-shirt i bought a few years ago which had always been to tight on me especially around my belly but yesterday i tired it on and it fits perfectly! YAY!

So all this working out and eating clean is doing something! 😀

I had the plank poilce on twitter after me again as i havent been planking on the weekend! Its scary lol so i better make sure im planking once a day!

Veggie shopping done again today for the week and i found celery! which i havent seen before in there so grabbed some of that! Along with the normal carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions 🙂

Plank of the day was held for 1 minute 30 seconds.

1 hour of P90X tricep weights workout done 🙂 feeling strong! Alex has noticed im stronger now and i think i have him scared lmao!

11 more days until im in the UK! im getting really excited about it! As i have more and more stuff planned to do with my sister and Niece and my mum and dad! 😀

Then of course my Brother and his girlfriend are coming back to Roma with me afterwards for a week! So it will be a non-stop busy 3 weeks! 😛

So im kinda busy at the moment working my butt off to get in shape for my visit and preparing everything to go and for when im gone!


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