Wheres my Autumn weather?

Yesterday (wednesday) I took as a rest day from running so all i did was 30 minutes of stability ball cardio/abs. Then a 2 mile walk in the afternoon as i was going to start Italian lessons.

I got near the place for my italian lessons a bit early then found out the lesson was cancelled for that day as my friend who’s teaching me wasnt feeling well. So i walked back through one of the markets i like just to window shop as im saving money right now. I saw a nice Giraffe coat which i knew my friend Marina would like so i let her know where to find it!

Today was short run day and i was ready to go out in the little park by 9.45am and discovered it was already 24c!!!!!! Holy heck! as they last few weeks its only been 16-18c that early! So i knew i was going to get a bit hot!

Run was good i kept below 12 minute miles like normal, ran the whole was and really got into my music. Was singing along to my music and didnt realise i had gone over my target miles lol So i ended up doing 2 miles today!  

I was all hot and sweaty by the end and loved it! Nothing better than being sweaty after a good run or weights workout to let you know you ave worked hard!

All i can say is wheres my Autumn cooler weather?? Its almost October and its still really warm here in Italy! I would like something like 18c-20c which would be nicer running weather! Although saying that i will probably get my fill of cold weather when i go the the UK for 2 weeks in 8 days time!! lol

I got really tired after lunch time and ended up having a 2 hour nap! So i didnt do any of my workout videos today.

House cleaning done today! side cleaning, dish washer sorted out, mopping and hoovering done!

I have noticed i always get hungry now after a run/workout and always seem to be thinking about what to have for lunch or dinner! Also i got very dizzy alot today so i need to add carbs to my lunches not just veggies and protein as my blood sugar went low.


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