Monday 3 miles Tuesday 2 miles

Monday i was feeling lazy after a week of not running. My plan said 2 and half miles but i decided to try for more.

Its cold here the temp has dropped from 25c last week to 14c here this week! Brrrr cold!

So i started off at my slow pace 12 minute miles which im training to and set off.

After one mile i was desperate for a pee but held it. Then after 2 miles i got a light stitch and had to stop for 1 minute so it passed.

This was crunch time and i decided to carry on running! All in all i did 3 miles the last half mile i went for it and ran it as fast as i could.

I was panting hard when i was done and feeling kackered but happy πŸ™‚

I have decided to walk up and down the 6 flight of stairs in the building every time i go out now which i did. Its good for tonning and burns those extra few calories πŸ™‚

Today i woke up with no motivation to go running at all! zero lol

I went to the supermarket and did my veggie shopping for the week and went up and down the stairs. Im even back to healthy eating but exercise motivation was just not there!

After lunch i cleaned the whole house from top to bottom trying to convince myself to go out for a run.

I even complained on twitter of my lack of motivation and someone kindly told me i had to go workout and would feel better and happy after doing it. Which i think was the nagging boost i needed lol

So out i went for my run πŸ™‚ there were no other runners in the park as it was just after 3pm it was cold but not freezing. I started off my slow pace and by mile 1 i needed to pee.

Its starting to get annoying that i need toΒ pee after 1 mile on the last couple of runs obviously i have to not drink water before i go out maybe.

Anyway 2 miles went fine and straight forwards no complaints kept to under 12 minute miles as required by my training plan πŸ™‚ Felt pretty happy and good when i finished kinda wished i had run some more but its best to stick to my running plan and avoid injury!

Recap of last 3 weeks!

So i was in the UK from 5th October visiting family and that was the evening of the twilight 5k run!

It was a bit chilly out but i was warm in my winter running stuff i had bought with me πŸ™‚ My sister and niece were taking part with me and the run was on the Norwich show ground.

It was pretty dark when we got there but we had see a few lights and glow in the dark things that lead our way! There was probably about 60 women there all dressed up and ready for the race. It was the first time ever they have ever done a Twilight run race and there was only 4 being held so we were very happy to be taking part in one.

As we walked up to the field they were handing out glow in the dark plastic braclets so we took some and put them on. We also found they were giving out free sweets! which my sister and niece helped themsleves to lol

It was a really warm and friendly atmosphere and when the whistle went to start we eagerly started running. Had to run fast at the start or get trampled lol but i kept going until i could slow down a bit.

I ended up leaving my sister and niece behind as they wanted to walk and collect any glow in the dark stuff people had dropped! Also they got free soup half way round which i never saw! lol

I ran at a slow training pace as i was using this race as a training day, half way round i started feeling sick as i had been given a huge dinner by my dad before coming out an hour and half before! So in the end i probably did about 10 minutes of walking when i felt sick.

But i kept on running when the sick feeling passed and completed my 5k in 41 minutes which wasnt bad at all πŸ™‚ I then stood at the finish line and cheered others on over the finish line until my sister and niece crossed it with a time ofΒ 1 hour!

We were all pretty happy and proud of our selves and loved our race for life medals we were given and goody bags! My niece was so happy with her medal as she hadnt done anything like that before and wants to do something like it again!

The rest of the two weeks was mainly shopping out in different places with my Mum and sister which was alot of fun! πŸ˜€

I bought some nice smart tops, a light jumper and some leggins which i love!

I was fairly good food wise! the first thing i said to my Mum was i wouldnt be eating any frozen ready meals or alot of processed foods! I did have fish and chips while i was there and i ate alot of white bread which i dont usually do anymore.

But mainly i stuck to fresh meat and veggies which even my mum and sister were happy to eat to πŸ™‚ Also the odd bacon sandwich πŸ˜›

I did run while i was there as my Sister really wanted the company as i had got her into running the year before but she stopped as she liked to have someone to run with. We both enjoyed out 2 mile runs with the dog even in the rain.

And she now says she will be happy to take the dog out running with her 2 or 3 days a week! Im going to keep checking with her though as she might need a prod or two in the begining!

I also got a tattoo done while i was in Norwich. It was a design i found online and fell in love with. Its a little bird with flowers on it. The two week seem to go really quickly but im glad i had 2 weeks and not just 1. And i had a really nice time πŸ™‚

Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β 










The week i came back my Brother and his Girlfriend came with me for a visit to Roma. I didnt get to run at all last week because of it because we did so much walking my feet were aching badly each evening we got home and it was a true pleasure just to sit down afterwards! I think we did 3-4 miles a day last week just sightseeing and doing there gift shopping! I was shattered each night and just wanted to fall into bed!

Thankfully they left and went back home saturday afternoon! Dont get me wrong i do miss them its just nice to have the house back to just me and Alex!

Sunday was spent lazzing in bed and reading and napping. I really needed the extra sleep just to recover from the last 3 weeks! Even this morning im feel tired and it might take me a few days to get back to my old self!



Bad run

So this morning the plan was to run 2 miles according to the plan i was following.

I went out at 9.55am the temp was 14c which was cooler and a nice temp to run in. After about half a mile i noticed i had really tight calves and they hurt alot. Tried to stretch them out but it didnt help. Also i was getting lower back ache and my hips were aching like crazy!!

So i had to stop running after 1.5 miles because i just couldnt make it to 2 miles!

Hoping i will feel better for tomorrows run which is a long 4 miles! but im not going to push myself if im still aching in places i really dont want an injury now.

I did have lower back pain and aching hips since saturday not sure why! A friend said maybe it was the effects of my runs from last week but i havent experienced these aches the week before that when i was running 3 miles also!

So as i said not sure what to make of it! I dont want to push or upset my body to much as im going to the UK on friday morning for 2 weeks! And i have been on the plane before twice with a bad back and believe me its not fun at all! :/


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