HM training Day2 week 1 – 3 miles

My god! I woke up this morning with major arm DOM’s! they ached so much from the weights yesterday lol Which is good as i know the workout is working lol

Also today was day 2 of Half Marathon training and i had to do 3 miles. My friend Jess gave me some yoga moves today before and after running and boy did they help alot!

I did the yoga before my run then walked down the stairs out to the little park. My thighs had been a bit achey today but after doing the pre-run yoga they felt good! Physically the run was good mentally it was a bad run as my heart just wasnt in it.

I kept coughing and had flem in the back of my throat which kept coming up which is the ending of my cold i think. Also my chest muscles were aching from the weights the day before. So i stopped a few times to deal with the flem problem but i carried on until my 3 miles were completed!

Then it was back up the stairs stretching my legs and post yoga! 🙂 now i have 2 days of rest before my next run!

I joined a running site so me and Jess can compare are Half Marathon training as we are training togeather online so we can see how eachother are doing which is fun. Also give eachother advice and motivation when needed.

I was dreading the second weight workout today which would be shoulders & biceps! but i decided to take a rest day and do that workout tomorrow instead as thats a rest day from running.

I have a feeling by friday i wont be able to lift my arms LMAO!


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