HM Training Day 3 Week 1 – 4 miles

Wednesday i did some weights workout Body Beast Back/Biceps i was still sore from mondays workout but i got through the workout  just barely lol

I have decided to do the weights 3 times a week even though the programme you follow for it is everyday. Im not sure i would survive doing it everyday just yet! But it will still help with my strength training for my running!

Thursday was a complete rest day apart from cleaning the house! After that i spent the afternoon catching up on the series ‘Once upon a time’ which i love! Series 2 just started and its getting really good!

So this morning i decided to go for my run in the morning as it had been raining and storming the last 2 days and nasty weather to go out in the park. Luckily this morning it was just grey with no rain. So i went out to get the run done.

It was the long run day on the Half Marathon plan so it was 4 miles.

The little park was a bit wet covered in wet leaves and mud and quite a few people walking, jogging etc. And i noticed as i ran it was birghtening up with blue sky and white clouds! 😀

The run itself was really good i was in the mental zone didnt get tired really went into my music and enjoyed the run alot. I almost slipped once in mud but then kept an eye out for any more lol

I had done my pre-run yoga and my legs and body felt happy and strong until after mile 3. I started to get aches in my left knee and hip but it wasnt very bad.

I think the runners yoga im doing will help alot with that as its yoga speicifcally for runners and to prevent injury from running!

Also i have done a test to see what kinda shoes i need so i can now go buy some support trainers for my running which should also help with preventing injury! 😀

Hopefully i will find the trainers on the weekend when i go to the Shopping Mall with Alex as he wants to go there tomorrow and i can also get myself some more capri running pants!         14131_454013197996757_1525488592_n


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