HM Training week 2 Day 3 – 3 miles

Today was day 3 of running on my HM plan and i sooo did not want to go out and run! lol It was 2c at 9am and grey with rain expected! I made a lot of excuses to myself but finally at 12pm i sucked it up and did my pre running yoga then got ready to go out.

It had gone up to 8c and i put on some warm running clothes and some running tights my friend Jess had given me! I was nice and warm and ready to run!

So i got out in the park there werent many people about as it was lunchtime and alot would be in having lunch and staying in the warm.

I started running and felt fine but after the first half mile disaster struck the running tights decided to fall down! I kid you not they were suddenly sliding down my hips and down my butt and i ended up flashing my panties to the few people behind me.

Luckily i didnt panic i pulled them up over my butt and had to hold them up as i ran home againΒ to get changed into my other ones then go back out to finish my 3 mile run! LOL

It was acutally quite funny at the time and after! At least i know now not to wear them lol

After that the run was both bad and good my legs felt fine i didnt have any aches or pains but i had to stop twice for 30 seconds to below my nose. Also i did get a bit tired im not used to running 3 days a week and my body was showing me that by the end of the run lol but i got it done πŸ™‚

Now two days of rest before friday yay!



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  1. The Scribbler
    Dec 04, 2012 @ 12:57:53

    That made me smile! A similar thing happened to one of our parkrunners after she lost loads of weight.
    if you’re running three days a week and feeling tire, does your plan allow you to run one day, then do some other training the next to break it up a bit e.g run Mon Weds Fri?


    • ciro1
      Dec 04, 2012 @ 13:02:42

      the plan is a Hal Higdon one its 3 days short runs 2 days rest 1 long run then 1 rest day then start again πŸ™‚ I think i just have to get used to running 3 days straight as i used to have rest days in between lol Its only week 2 of the plan so hopefully my stamina will improve! πŸ˜€
      I hope the parkrunner saw the funny side like i did! lol you just got to laugh at things like that πŸ˜› glad it made you smile hope it gives others a giggle to lol xx


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