HM Training Week 2 Day 4 – 4 miles

Im feeling a bit better after yesterdays upset, i ended up barely eating that day and sleeping alot which helped after my emotional outburst.

Today i was ready to focus back on other stuff like my running. It was -2c in the morning and a bit nippy for a run so instead i went and got all the food shopping done as tomorrow is a bank holiday here.

Then at 2pm i did my pre-run yoga and headed out. It still wasnt that warm out so i put on my winter running clothes and a pair of running tights which fit and didnt fall down this time 🙂

I decided to go to the big park as i was getting bored of the little park. It was cold but i wasnt going to let that stop me my run needed to get done. I ran slow as i had slight back ache from being on and didnt want to make it worse.

It was a mile to the park and then i did a mile and half in the park. My left ankle started to ache a bit and i had to stop a couple of times to stretch it out. I think it had to do with me tensing the bottom of my left foot which i kept doing and not sure why. It might be because of the gravel at the big park where usually i run on a flat plain surface.

Anyway i suffered on as i really wanted to get the run done.

I noticed a tingling in my hips and top of my bottom while i was running and i had noticed when getting changed today these areas are more tonned so im asumming that was fat burning lol

The run itself seemed to actually go really quickly which was good and i enjoyed it apart from those few aches! I also noticed my left knee started aching after i finished run so not sure what happened there!

Glad i kept myself mentally going and finished it strong though.

I actually feel confident now about running a full 10km race again now 🙂 so looking forwards to WeRunRome on 31st december!




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