HM Training Week 3 – Day 1 – 5k

Its very cold out today and i really really didnt want to go out! After breakfast i had to nip to the supermarket before it closed and grab food for the day and a treat for the cat.

When i got back i knew i had to go out and run there was no more messing about it had to be done! Alex told me to try not to flash the pengiuns this time and i laughed! My running tights were the non falling kind again!

So i pulled on my running tights, winter running top and light running coat and headed out. My fingers were freezing as soon as i got out and i wondered if i should have put my gloves on but it was to late to regret.

There were only 2 other runners today brave enough to face the cold for a run lol and very few others out walking…infact the little park was quite dead!

My run was good i warmed up after the first 10 minutes and my hands felt much happier! It was a breath through your nose day which i mostly did although a couple of times my nose ran alot so i had to use my mouth.

Legs felt fine strong, i didnt get tired kept a good pace and was a few minutes faster than the last 5k run i did last week which made me happy! I did notice a little bit of an ache on the right side of my back. Generally i have problems with my left side not right so that was a bit odd.

I also got a pain in my lower abdominal area on the right side which i have never experience before which was very weird while running, but it stopped when my running ended. So might have to keep an eye on that in future and see if it comes back.

I have decided that when i buy running pants/tights in the future im just going to get the small ones as i noticed on my run even the medium pair which i have are kinda lose and i think i would rather were tight ones than lose ones as im worried about having another flashing episode in the park! lol

Im starting to wonder as well when they are going to let us get the race packs for the WeRunRome 10k race as theres only 3 weeks left until the race!



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