HM Training Week 3 Day 3 – 3.5 miles

The runs are starting to go up from this week so i decided to go out early and get my last short run (3 and half miles) done before my 2 rest days.

I headed out at 10.30am when it was 6c and decided to run to the big park. Before hand i made sure i did my pre-run yoga to wake up my muscles, legs, hips and back 🙂

The sun was shining in a blue sky even though it was quite chilly and there were a few other runners about. The run was good i didnt rush it i enjoyed a slow pace and the scenery around me. I didnt get any aches or pains and this time i didnt tense my foot on the gravel.

I did however felt sick a couple of times as i went out at 10.30am which is usually snack time for me! Burping a couple of times seemed to help! But passing the local cake shop on the way back with all its lovely smells soon bought the sick feeling back.

Then on the last mile of my run i kept getting an imagine of a roast dinner photo someone i know on twitter had posted and it dorve me a bit nuts lol So im thinking steak and veggies for dinner tonight! yummy!

But it was one of the most enjoyable runs i have had so far which probably has something to do with it being so sunny!

When i got in i made sure i did the post run yoga which usually i end up skipping because all i want to do is have a tea and food lol

But this time i was good and did the whole yoga workout and it felt good to stretch out my warm muscles and i even felt a few things click. Hopefully this mean i wont be stiff or achey in any places tomorrow!

And i have decided i better start doing some injury prevention yoga on my non run days to as its quite relaxing and im enjoying it.

73081_306733929428123_590518897_n                                       556303_457983404266403_1262777571_n



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