HM Training Week 3 Day 4 – 5 miles

This morning when i woke up it was grey, wet and uninviting and i didnt want to run!

But i decided to wait until lunchtime and see if the weather got any better which it did! Some of the dark clouds moved away and some sun came out! So it was then that i grabbed the chance to go do my long run without getting wet.

Running pre-yoga came first and im getting used to doing it now which is good!

Then i headed outside. Its wasnt as cold as the last few days had been so perfect for a good long run. I had decided to go run in the big park first then finish off back in the little park as my run was to be 5 miles. I also didnt trust the grey rain clouds i could still see so finishing the last mile nearer home was a good option just incase!

After the first half mile i started feeling sick and realised it was my running belly belt. Usually its on tight and doesnt move about but this week i have noticed its very lose from weightloss. So i had to stop for a moment to adjust and tighten it which did the trick.

I enjoyed my running in the big park got into my music. I did get some discomfort in my left ankle and i think it was the gravel as i have said before im used to running on a flat path but it passed after 2 miles.

I saw a few other runners and it started to rain lightly for a few minutes but stopped i still didnt trust the grey rain clouds so just after 3 miles i started the run back to the little park.

I noticed onΒ  my last miles my left knee was aching and i had discomfort in my left hip. Also my hips felt heavy & i had slight lower back pain which went away when i pulled my lower abs in while running. But the knee and hip discomfort wasnt as bad as i have had it in the past so i think the yoga is helping alot πŸ™‚

I was happy when i finished the 5 miles its the furthest i have been since February when i was running six miles with ease. So im happy to be getting back to where i was. Also i noticed im getting faster the last 4 runs even though im trying to stick to under 12 minute miles.

When i got in i iced my knee as suggested by my friend Jess and then did some post run yoga which helped alot.

On another note Im really looking forwards to the weekend i have been invited to a friends birthday dinner πŸ™‚ Its all ladies and expats and i know a few of them. It will be nice to go out and have some relaxed fun and enjoy myself i cant wait.




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  1. The Scribbler
    Dec 14, 2012 @ 14:03:33

    Sounds like you’re getting back into some nice training there. The yoga is probably a great warm up. Good luck with the niggles. It sounds like you’re doing the right things noticing and taking care of them straight away.
    Yoga should be good to prevent back and hip pain.


    • ciro1
      Dec 14, 2012 @ 17:07:08

      Thanks πŸ™‚ already seeing a difference in my body and its good. Yes the yoga is helping alot! i have a hip out of alignment apparently my left one which is why i have trouble with it. But this yoga my friend recommended that her Dr told her about seems to be helping πŸ™‚


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