HM Training Week 4 Day 1 – 3.5 miles

Yesterday we watched the Hobbit in the cinema and after the 2 and half hour film i found my left knee was quite stiff so realised i really do have to icy it properly after every run even the short ones!

I managed to buy myself some new running Trainers! The special stability ones which were 90 euros but reduced down to 60 euros!! bargain! so i was really happy with that.


Also i got talking to an expat who’s moving to Roma next year and was looking for running clubs or people who run so i got chatting to her about all that and helped her out with some Roma websites and introduced her to a few other expats in Italy on twitter who are all lovely helpful ladies! Also one of them suggested we have a meet up dinner out next year and i think thats a pretty good idea.

Today i had to run 3 and half miles so putting on my new trainers i headed out to the little park. I decided to just run up and down the little park today as Alex is home and i like to stay close to the building when he is. It was alot milder than the last few days and i actually started to wish i had put on a lighter running top.

After the first half mile my ankles started to ache for about 5 to 10 minutes then it stopped. I think this was my feet adjusting to the new support of my new trainers but my ankles and feet were fine after that.

Back of my thighs and calves were really tight but this was because i hadnt done the pre-run yoga as Alex was hogging the PC and there was no way i would have got  it done. My god i can feel the difference between when i do it and when i dont!

So the run ended up being slow as possible, slightly painful and sucky but i still sucked it up and got it done 🙂

Knee was aching alot afterwards so i iced it straight away when i got home. Alex raised his eyebrow at me over this and said he hoped im not damaging myself with my running. I told him the new trainers were helping as i didnt get anyhip pain this time and knee was stiff from yesterday.

Going out tonight to the Hard Rock Cafe for a friends birthday dinner! I can’t wait it should be fun and will be nice to see her again.


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