HM Training Week 4 Day 2 – 3.5 miles

So i was supposed to run monday and tuesday but things came up to stop me.

Monday i had a bad tummy which was really unhappy so decided to skip my 2 mile run.

Tuesday Ciro was very ill and we had to take him to the vets. I was very worried about him as hes never so quiet and just sat there with a hot nose. Alex even stayed off work as he was worried about him. The vet looked him over with ciro hissing at him the whole time which he only ever does when we go there.

Apparently he had a furball stuck in his intestines where he had swallowed it and it was causing a blockage. So the vet gave us some special food which would help remove the blockage.

So today i mostly read in bed but then in the afternoon decided i should get my run done which i missed yesterday. I did the first 10 minutes of my running yoga and skipped the rest. It was sunny out in the little park and dry but a bit chilly. The first mile was tough as part of me wanted to be inside in the warm.

Mile 2 was better and i got into my music and was singing along to it in my head while i ran. The last mile and half i started to get discomfort in my left hip which wasnt nice and i was happy when the run ended. I walked up 6 flights of stairs to try and stretch out my hip which helped a bit.

I had to ice my knee and hip when i got in but they were a bit stiff which teaches me that i should see the yoga through to the end not skip part of it!

I have decided the sort run on tuesday i might skip it was optional on the running plan anyway either a sort run or crossfit training. I think it will help my hip and knee just to run 3 times a week and have that extra rest day inbetween days. I can do something else exercise wise on that day anyway.




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