HM Training Week 4 Day 3 – 5 miles

Today was my long run day and looking out the window it was grey and wet and uninviting. Its xmas week and i have been feeling rather lazy to be honest so its been harder this week to motivate myself than other weeks.

So i waited until lunchtime when it looked a little less grey and the rain had stopped to venture outside. Of course after my pre running yoga workout 🙂

It was a 5 mile run on my plan so i decided to head for the big park. It was cold out my hands were a bit numb at first and i could see my breath infront of my face when i breathed brrrr. First mile in and my knee started to feel uncomfortable and my legs were heavy i felt like i was running though mud. So i decided to speed up and see how fast i could do the first 5km’s of the run.

I had to stop twice on the 2nd mile as my right leg which i never have trouble with seemed really tense and if i stopped for a minute that seemed to help.

Anyway i ran as fast as i could and managed a 5km in 35mins 52 secs which im quite proud of! Especially as at the begining of this year i was running 5km’s easily in 34mins 🙂

I must admit i felt slightly sick after the 5km fast run as im not used to running that fast anymore. But i did notice my knee discomfort was gone and my hip was fine! Which leads me to believe i should be running a bit faster than the slow 12min miles or more i have been going.

As it was a 5 mile run i still had 2 miles left to go which i did at a very slow pace. When i finally got home my hips and butt were aching from where i had run faster than normal. I iced my knee straight away even though it had been fairly ok through the run.

Chatting to my friend and mentor of running Jess she said i should let my body run at the speed it wants now as long as i dont exhaust myself and feel ok doing it. Also if i want to try for PB’s its better to start off slow then do the fast miles/pb’s on the last miles of the run.

So thats a good plan im going to stick to i think!

I also noticed alot of change round my hips again where there tonning when i was getting ready for the run 🙂

We have been sent a load of xmas boxes from Alex work as gifts and the cupboards are now stuffed with cakes, biscuits and chocolates! So if i intend to eat them i have to keep going on my plan with no excuses lol

Poor Ciro my cat now has a cold he keeps sneezing and has a runny nose so i keep turning the heating on for him poor baby. He’s also being spoilt rotten!




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