HM Training Week 5 Day 2 – 4 miles

Ok so i said i was going to do my run on christmas day but as you can guess that didnt happen! Alex got grumpy and said we should just be lazy and stay in as there would be no one outside. And i had to agree after looking out the window and seeing the empty silent streets!!

So Boxing day! And my 4 miles had to be done 🙂 We went out for a short walk around 11am just to see if anything was open and stretch our legs. It was then that Alex noticed the huge grey clouds which looked like rain. After pointing this out to me he insisted i should go run straight away incase it began to rain alot.

So heading back to the house i got ready for my run! Of course skipping the running yoga with Alex home who had settled down to watch a movie while i went running.

I decided to go to the big park and have a slow plod round. There were quite a few other runners i noticed all probably getting ready for WeRunRome next monday! Also there seemed to be almost a hundred people in the park walking about!

Seriously i was dodging people and groups every few minutes on the main path and then in the park! I guess they had decided Boxing day was a good day to walk off some of the christmas food! I even got some smiles and cheers from some old people as i ran past them which made me grin!

I realised i was doing quite a good pace and decided to try for a 5km PB again! As i reached 3 miles i was struck with really bad cramps!! ouchie! i was doubled over in pain but managed to push myself to finish my PB for my 5km’s! I was a whole 55 seconds faster than last time YAY!! If the cramp hadnt set in i reckon i could have been a bit faster!

Anyway the run today was supposed to be 4 miles so for the last mile i ran/walked home as everytime i ran for to long time the cramp would set in! And yes the cramp was dehydration as i had only had 1 cup of tea this morning and no other water!

I should know by now i need to drink more in the mornings before going out to run! But with Alex insisting i go run to avoid the rain it skipped my mind completely lol These are the lessons we learn!

Its really mild at the moment here which happened last year to for christmas! This means Janaury and Febuary will be really cold! Where everything goes numb when you step out to go run! and i say BRING IT ON!!!                                                                                                                                                       60989_465605810170829_540111323_n



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