WeRunRome 10km Race 2012! :D

So today was the Werunrome 10km race! And i was excited!

The race wasnt starting until 11am but i got up at 7.50am to prepare and make sure i drank lots of water and also eat something!   DSC00744

Alex didnt want to come with me as he doesnt like big crowds so he stayed at home to wait for me! It was a bit chilly when i made my way to the metro station and my fingers were soon numb and i was happy i had bought my light coat with me.

I found a few other runners at the metro and we all smiled and nodded at eachother which was nice! More got on at the next stop and smiled at us all 🙂

I found that the starting area was slightly in a different place than last year and there were alot more porta-loos and tents as well! It looks like the 2nd year of this race running has made it really take off!


I ended up actually being happy i went to the race alone as i took my time soaked up the atmosphere and looked around. I had to visit the loo at least 4 times as i was nervous lol and it seemed alot of people had the same idea!

Anyway they had people running round warming up to music and everyone was happy and the atmosphere was as i said exciting.

Near to 11am they called us all to the start line and the competitive 10km runners went to line up ahead then followed by us non-competitive 10km runners and the 3km runners.

Music was blearing and then the count down started and we were all off!   IMAG2057

There was frantic waving at the camera people and the man with a video camera before we all settled into a nice pace. I ran a bit to fast at the begining as there was alot of people infront and behind me and it took at least the first mile before i could slow down.

The course was basically the same as last year with only a slight change here and there. I stuck with a group of people at the end of the middle large group of runners and sung away to my music i was listening to.

I did walk up that big hill at Piazza delle popolo because i hate hills and i havent trained for them! There was a girl wearing black leggins but they were really thin and you could see her underwear and bottom as they were basically see through which made me giggle a little.

At 4km’s i got really bad stitch it was agony! so i had to walk a little to let it pass then carried on running. It struck again at 6km’s so again had a minute or 2 of walking before i was able to run again. I was grateful for the glasses of water they were handing out as we ran through part of Villa Borghese!

I pushed myself to run faster but got stuck behind a gang of runners carrying flags….they were slow and i couldnt get past them for quite a while which was annoying. Finally i passed them and ran faster to get to the finish line! I did the race again like last year in 1 hour 13 minutes! yay


But i did notice the course was slightly longer than 10km’s so i might have actually done it in 1 hour 12 mins but need to check the chipped time with the race site and also what they have for distance!

I sat down to take of my racing chip they wanted back and my back protested unhappily 😦 after grabbing my gator aid drink and bottle of water they were handing out i headed for the metro. Which i found over crowded with german students grrrrrr and people out for newyears eve grrrr!

I made myself walk up and down all the stairs i had to pass to help stretch my legs out and i think the 10 minute walk back to the house from the metro helped. Im really pleased with the race this year as i was last year it was alot of fun!



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