Happy newyear & Welcome to 2013!

Happy newyear to everyone! I cant believe another year has passed us by and what a year it has been.

Now im looking forwards to 2013 and what it may hold! My first Half Marathon i should be achieving this year! A few races in the UK & a race in France! Im focused on races that are fun this year and ones i get medals and might even do some obstacle races end of the year to!

Also meeting new people! 😀 I have already started talking to a few people about running togeather here in Roma and some of them are now signed up for the RomaOstia Half Marathon im doing in March! 😀 A few new expats in Roma want to meet up for a coffee as well which im always happy to do.

I also have an expat friend moving to Roma end of Febuary from England  who is keen on running as well! So we will be meeting up for runs in one of Roma’s parks and checking out new food places as shes a foodie like me.

My legs are a bit achey today mostly my thighs but everything else seems to be functioning and ok! Not like last year where i could barely move and it took me 2 weeks to recover lol

My next run this week is friday and then sunday so i should be on by then.

I saw my official time on the Werunrome Nike site and i did achieve the 10k in 1 hour 13mins the same as last year but i was some seconds faster which made me smile!

Alex asked me if i wanted to do the Corsa di la Miguel 10k which is in 3 weeks time (20th jan) but im not sure i want to bother with it as you dont really get anything exciting in the race pack and my training plan has me running 8 miles that week not 10k. I guess i could swap that week around to a week i am supposed to do a 10k run but i will have a think about it.

Anyway lots of things to look ahead to should be a very good year!





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