E Cig’s & my guinea pig

So Alex has been saying how he would like to give up smoking for some years now. Two of his close friends have both given up smoking lately one from reading a no smoking book and the other is now using an ecig.

Im not sure if these Ecig’s are big in any other country but they seem to have taken Italy by storm! This is a country with alot of smokers you see them everywhere way more than when i lived in London!

Alex has also noticed an increase in people in our area using these ecig’s to! And even some of our neighbours who hes talked to praise these things as they dont smoke real cigarettes anymore. So he would become my guinea pig 🙂

So after a few weeks of speaking to his friends and noticing the change in all these people Alex announced he wanted to get one to! This is a big thing as hes always said how he would like to cut down or stop smoking but has never actually done anything about it!

I was quite impressed with his determination as he googled the nearest store in our area and yesterday morning (saturday) we got in the car and drove to the place.

It was a little place with some displaying the pen like ecig’s in the window all the same but you could choose from a range of different colours!  e-cig-1000x500

Alex was eager to get inside and started to chat with the guy behind the counter.

Bascially the ecig simulates the act of smoking, you inhale the flavoured liquid solution in vapour form instead then exhale it out as smoke like you would a normal cigarette. The liquid solution comes in many different flavours from different types of tobacco to fruit flavours as well.

Alex bought an ecig kit this includes a charger for the pen like ecigs which you get two of. Also 2 viles of liquid, the pen tip which you inhale from and the plastic bottle you use to fill the ecig with the iquid. In total it came to 70 euros which isnt bad as in the long run you wouldnt be spending tons of money of cigarettes anymore and the liquid viles only cost 5 euros and last for ages!

We got everything home and Alex put the first ecig into charge. The first charge having to be 12 hours as its new then much less after that. He was both excited and impaitent to give it a try after trying it out in the shop. (they let you try one out so you can see which flavour liquid you like most)

It got to 9pm in the evening and he decided that was long enough! Carefully he added the liquid and sorted out the mouth piece as i sat and watched with interest. Then he took some puffs and exhaled. It was kinda weird to watch as the ecig looks so pen like!

Alex actually noticed me staring after a while and laughed and told me to stop i was making him nervous lol I had so many questions for him though! what did it taste like? did he like it? was it curbing the craving to smoke?

He said the tobacco flavour he had gotten was stronger than his cigarettes, he did feel a little weird using it and we would have to wait and see if it stopped his cigarette craving. He said say he was going to try and use it more than actually smoking though.

He then proceeded to go and have a really cigarette in the bathroom lol! I heard him make a sound of distress and he rushed into the room to say his cigarette didnt smell very nice and he had to throw it away! I was quite astonished! the ecig couldnt work that quickly could it? or was it more psychological?

Anyway this morning hes been using the ecig but having the odd cigarette as well. He says it will take a little time before he goes completely on the ecig and i can understand that i know you cant just go cold turkey. Plus his friend who also has an ecig said it took him a week or two before he used his all the time.

Im very happy hes chosen to make the effort to quit smoking im very proud of him 🙂

Amazing sunday afternoon :)

Saturday night there was a knock on the door, it was the man and lady who lived above us. He asked if i could go up on sunday and help him with some words he had to say in English just to make sure he was saying them correctly. I already knew he was an old Italian actor/director and i happily agreed to help.

We dont live in a posh or upmarket area in Roma dont get me wrong its a nice area with friendly people and shops and i love it. Alex explained thats why the Director chose to live here because he loved the area.

So sunday afternoon me and Alex went upstairs both a bit excited that he needed my help. We were greeted cheerfully and i went to sit with our neighbour as he showed me what he wanted me to look at. It was a short script for what looked like a part in a film! One he told me for the Director Ridley Scott! I was surpised and honoured he wanted my help! I read through his lines clearly and slowly and he repeated and underlined words he would practise!

His English is already very good but he told me people can be fussy about the way you pronounce things in English when you go for a part in a film!

It didnt take long and then afterwards he talked about England and how he loved London! The art & museums! And how back in the 70’s when he was 24 he spent 6 months there. He dated a model and was in his first movie which was a big hit!And everyone told him he was a great actor.

He met so many people! Peter O’Tool, Orsen Wells, laurence olivier’s wife, Tom Jones and many many more actors! He had loved it and of course being so young it was magical! He hadn’t wanted to leave but of course another part in a film came up and he had to come back to Italy!

The few times i have met him outside he seemed so quiet and shy but once you get him talking he has so many amazing stories and experiences! And hes so passionate about what he does.

Alex and our neighbour’s girlfriend joined us and we had tea and cakes and talked some more about alot of famous directors he had met and places he had been to and even films he liked.

He has so many photo’s all over the walls! Some he took himself others from the 70’s and from his acting/directing career. I could have spent hours looking at them. And he had a few funny stories for a few of them. Like when he was at the cannes film festival when he was 25 with a french actor and a fan ran up and yanked the bow-tie from his neck as she wanted something of his! lol

It truly was an amazing hour! And amazing learning about someone else’s life and experiences. Especially back in the 70’s with all the old actors! They are both such nice and honest people they made us feel very welcome, very down to earth.

They have invited us to dinner after Easter as he might be off to Brazil for something else! And we said if he ever needs help with English again just to buzz us 🙂 I think i might be having some more conversations in the lift with him if i see him from now on!

Birthday & Bad Back

So yesterday was Valentines Day and my Birthday! I am now 36! where does the time go? :O

I ended up not doing much on my birthday as i managed to hurt my back! But Alex was a dear and took the day off to stay home and spoil me! He bought me a huge box of chocolates and cheesy puff crisps yummy! He asked me what else i wanted for my birthday but i couldnt think of anything 🙂 I was just happy to spend the day with him!    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

But he spoilt me rotten! I laid in the sofa bed with pillows and blankets while he made me tea, snack, water and food while i watched tv:) He helped me up when i needed the bathroom to as i was walking round bent over like a little old lady!

CheesePuffs-closeI had some lovely birthday messages from friends and people on facebook & twitter which really made my day 🙂

And in the evening i skyped with my Mum and Sister which was really nice.

We had planned to go to the pub with a group of friends on friday night (today) to celebrate but that has been put on hold for a few weeks!

The Doctor said i have to keep laying down for 4 days then take it easy next week and not over do it so thats what i plan to do 🙂

Im still looking forwards to Celebrating my birthday with a late dinner in March with the ladies i go out with and also with a friend who’s moving to Roma in the next few weeks.



Group Running

I was talking with my friend Cami today and shes a runner to. Shes joined a running group in one of the big Roma parks and is loving it!

They run on sundays and have a tent for where you can have some food and water after the runs they do. They all seem friendly and she says the atmosphere is wonderful! She loved the fact they chanted her name when it was her little groups turn to run.

She was also trying to convince me to come along and join up to and i must say im tempted! It would be nice to run with a friend 🙂 And also hang out with some other runners where you can get advice etc.

It looks like they run alot of the races as well which are held so that could also be fun.

So im thinking about and might just give it a go 🙂 Epsecially with a very good friend like Cami going with me!


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