Amazing sunday afternoon :)

Saturday night there was a knock on the door, it was the man and lady who lived above us. He asked if i could go up on sunday and help him with some words he had to say in English just to make sure he was saying them correctly. I already knew he was an old Italian actor/director and i happily agreed to help.

We dont live in a posh or upmarket area in Roma dont get me wrong its a nice area with friendly people and shops and i love it. Alex explained thats why the Director chose to live here because he loved the area.

So sunday afternoon me and Alex went upstairs both a bit excited that he needed my help. We were greeted cheerfully and i went to sit with our neighbour as he showed me what he wanted me to look at. It was a short script for what looked like a part in a film! One he told me for the Director Ridley Scott! I was surpised and honoured he wanted my help! I read through his lines clearly and slowly and he repeated and underlined words he would practise!

His English is already very good but he told me people can be fussy about the way you pronounce things in English when you go for a part in a film!

It didnt take long and then afterwards he talked about England and how he loved London! The art & museums! And how back in the 70’s when he was 24 he spent 6 months there. He dated a model and was in his first movie which was a big hit!And everyone told him he was a great actor.

He met so many people! Peter O’Tool, Orsen Wells, laurence olivier’s wife, Tom Jones and many many more actors! He had loved it and of course being so young it was magical! He hadn’t wanted to leave but of course another part in a film came up and he had to come back to Italy!

The few times i have met him outside he seemed so quiet and shy but once you get him talking he has so many amazing stories and experiences! And hes so passionate about what he does.

Alex and our neighbour’s girlfriend joined us and we had tea and cakes and talked some more about alot of famous directors he had met and places he had been to and even films he liked.

He has so many photo’s all over the walls! Some he took himself others from the 70’s and from his acting/directing career. I could have spent hours looking at them. And he had a few funny stories for a few of them. Like when he was at the cannes film festival when he was 25 with a french actor and a fan ran up and yanked the bow-tie from his neck as she wanted something of his! lol

It truly was an amazing hour! And amazing learning about someone else’s life and experiences. Especially back in the 70’s with all the old actors! They are both such nice and honest people they made us feel very welcome, very down to earth.

They have invited us to dinner after Easter as he might be off to Brazil for something else! And we said if he ever needs help with English again just to buzz us 🙂 I think i might be having some more conversations in the lift with him if i see him from now on!


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