Last past 2 months part 2

20th January 2013


Had dinner with 4 friends all who are mothers and one who is 3 & half months pregnant! So i told them my news and they were happy for me even though i said its early days yet.

It was really nice to draw from there experiences and talking to the other pregnant lady about symptoms like feeling sick feeling bloated etc.

They all agreed with me food wise its best to eat little and often as everything slows down indigestion wise when your pregnant and also it helps with the bloated feeling.

The pregnant friend said not to worry to much and just enjoy it all plus food lol

Another friend who was bed ridden for all of her pregnancy said i have to keep up with my walking & any pre-natal workout i can do to keep myself strong. As she has had a lot of problems from her pregnancy when she couldnt do anything but stay in bed.

So im listening to all the advice and will get a pre-natal workout after the first 3 months are done. Also apparently there are yoga classes available for pregnant women here in Roma so i should look for those to 🙂


23rd January 2013

2nd Blood Test

2nd blood test has been done and the hormones are going up 🙂 im 6-7 weeks now by my count this is week 7.

Im trying to eat little and often, so breakfast small bowl of museli, snack yoghurt, lunch small cheese & pickle sandwich, snack piece of fruit and then dinner depending on Alex.

Im trying to not eat to many carbs so pasta and pizza once in a while. I have gained weight and i need to start walking more.

Yesterday i was out to lunch with a friend and had alot of noodles then walked alot. I was knackered when i got home and needed to sleep for 2 hours and my back was hurting. And i was still full from all the noodles i had eaten at lunch that i barely ate anything for dinner.

So now i need to be really good do the small meals and do more walking. Its raining at the moment so hopefully i will be able to go for a short walk this afternoon.

25th January 2013


Im being very over emotional right now…im terrified of the scan for the heartbeat next thursday. Last year thats when we found we had lost our other baby….

I keep having flash backs to that moment and i really dont want to go to the appointment next week. But Alex is being positive and understand and we both know this is a different pregnancy. Which means theres a better chance of everything going well this time.

I kinda convinced myself mentally that im not pregnant at the moment because if i dont think about it then i dont get upset. Because when i think about being pregnant again etc im depressed, crying and a complete mess!

Im still doing all the things i have to do while pregnant, taking my pills and not running. I have just stopped thinking about it.

I think once we are past the first heartbeat scan next week i will be better and more positive. Then i will be holding my breath until the 3rd month has passed then i can enjoy this pregnancy as it should be enjoyed.

Apparently it seems im 7 weeks this next week according to a few online date calculators i have been looking at so i thought i was a week ahead but never mind.

28th January 2013

Bad Back Ache

The last 3 nights i have had really bad back ache! But only at night time. Its been driving me crazy!!

I keep tossing and turning trying to get comfortable and my poor Alex is getting grumpy with me. He felt very guilty in the morning bless him which he didnt have to.

It got so bad last night i ended up going on the sofa bed which actually felt much better!

So i have decided to just sleep on the sofa bed for now so we both get some sleep and as its easier on my back! Hopefully it will pass at some point!

29th January 2013

Dark Brown Blood

I just went to the toilet and found a tiny bit of brown blood afterwards! It really freaked me out and i started googling to see if this is normal at 7 weeks pregnant.

Apparently alot of ladies have had it and Dark brown blood isnt to worrying although they always tell you to tell your Doctor about it. Any type of bleeding you should inform your Doctor!

So i told Alex and he texted our Gyno who said this blood can happen some times and i should just rest. So now im about to have lunch then go lay on the bed and read.

Im going to keep an eye out to see if there is anymore blood although a few ladies say they spotted brown blood for a few days and everything was fine. It can also be a sign of having twins apparently lol.

Only a few more days until  my first scan to hear the heartbeat! I just want to get to that day now to see whats going on.

31st January 2013

First Scan

Today was the first scan and i was terffied! We got there a few minutes early and there was a woman infront of us. She seemed to be in there for ages!!

But finally it was our turn 🙂 The Doctor called in our Gyno as well as she wanted to be present and she kept telling me in Italian not to worry and relax.

The Doctor wouldnt let me see the screen at all as i guess she was checking to make sure everything was ok first. Then she said yes looks normal and fine! YAY!

She turned the screen around and showed us the tiny head and body and fin like arms. I asked about the heart beat and she put it on. But she kept having trouble letting us listen as our little peanut kept wiggling lol it was so cute!

Alex cried and so did i a little 🙂

Next we went in to see the Gyno and she gave us a list of tests i have to have done! seriously theres like a million on there! I dont know how there going to take so much blood lol

She also told me things not to eat which im doing already etc then she told us to book the next scan which will be in 5 weeks time which i thought i would be 3 months along by then.

But apparently according to the scan im already 9 weeks along!!! So i will be 14 weeks at the next scan!

3rd February 2013


Im getting grumpy alot and hormonal which is normal when your pregnant. Im all up and down at the moment and cant stop thinking about food!

Its kind of annoying now when my family come on skype and tell me what there eating what i cannot eat or get here in Roma. English sausages! Pies! Fish & chips! grrrrr!

And this upsets me as sometimes i crave what they tell me or show me which isnt very fair!

One minute i want a hug from Alex the next i want to punch him! Hes tiptoeing around me alot which is funny. Annoying why he keeps asking me why im tired or over grumpy! I feel like a parrot the amount of times i have told him its all pregnancy symptoms!

He knows i dont mean my moods we have talked about it alot and he knows its probably going to get worse before due date if all goes well for the next months!

The Gyno did weigh me at our appointment last week and im 60kg’s which she says is perfect for my pregnancy and im not allowed to gain anymore so i wont be to big when when the pregnancy weigh hits. Also she said it will be easier for me to work off the weight afterwards 😛

She doesnt want me running at all through the pregnancy which sucks as i love my running! But im allowed to walk and swim! I have also ordered that dvd prenatal workout off Amazon. Which does light weights, cardio and pilates so at least i can workout a little that way! 😀

We were both happy and over whelmed and went and had an early lunch before heading home. Im pretty tired now after all that and i think im going for a very happy nap.


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