Last Past 2 months Part 3

8th February 2013


Im eating to much i know! and i need to get a grip on it but its hard to! I had crisps today which i dont eat anymore and havent had in 6 months! Im a bit bloated and im sure alot of it is salt and i have been snacking alot on salty stuff.

It kinda sucks i cant run even after the 2nd trimester 😦 but i am starting to go for walks and my prenatal workout dvd arrives today so i can start that YAY.

So im trying to eat more veggie soups now and stick with my yoghurts and fruit and a few chicken nuggets. Cut down on bread and pasta and chips which i have been wanting.

Not feeling sick anymore and my boobs arent aching as much either but there huge! i feel so sexy with my porn star chest lol. I have been getting headaches the last few days which is another pregnancy symptom.

Also i feel like im peeing every 5 minutes which is annoying at night! Especially as i dont sleep much because of it! Its driving me crazy.      tumblr_mhqko1QSbg1s2m96co1_400

11th February 2013

More blood tests!

So this morning Alex woke me at 6.30am as he wanted to be at the Doctors at 7am so we could get the 24 tests done the Gyno had asked for! Along with a urine test.

I was not happy i hadn’t slept well it felt like i had 5 minutes sleep all night plus getting up 5 times to pee and i was sleeping on the sofa bed. It didn’t help with Alex saying he thought i was peeing way to much even though im pregnant! He comes out with the weirdest comments sometimes! I think im going to have to get him to read the pregnancy book we have.

Anyway it was dark and cold as we walked to the Doctors and we were the 4th people in there as they had just opened. When we got to the counter and the woman checked the tests we needed to have done she said it would cost 457 euros!!! Seriously it was a crazy amount as a few of the tests alone where 40 euros each!

Alex looked shocked then pained! And had to go to the banco-mat (cash machine) to get more money out as we hadnt been expecting it to be so much! We had thought around 200 euro’s maybe!

While he was gone the lady began chatting to me in Italian about the tests. My Italian isn’t that good i understand more than i can speak. But i understood we would get the results of the tests online.

Then the Doctor came out smiled at me and motioned for me to go with him. i was slightly nervous as Alex had always been with me for blood tests! A comforting presence in the room and i knew this time the Doctor would be taking alot.

Anyway im kinda comfortable with this Doctor as hes always the man who has taken my blood so i sucked it up and sat down. I always look away so i dont see the needle or the blood being drawn. But afterwards i was fasincated to watch him fill other viles with my blood. I couldnt believe the size of the siringe he had used! It was HUGE!

I thanked him and headed out of the room to find Alex just coming back with a look of shock on his face that i had done it without him. he admitted he had been worried about me doing it as it was more blood than normal. I was just glad to get it over and done with.

Alex was still shocked with the money we had spent on the blood tests but i reminded him once they were done they would never have to be done again even if we got pregnant again which cheered him up.

15th February 2013

Blood Scare

Tuesday night i was home alone as Alex was having tuesday night out seeing friends. I usually go to but decided the last few times to stay at home.

I got up to use the bathroom and found alot of blood when i wiped! I was so scared i phoned Alex and he rushed home with a friend of ours.

The blood lasted for about 30mins and i had to use a pad to keep an eye on it. I was terrified something had happened to the baby. Alex was freaking out to and phoned the Gyno. She told me to lay down and stay down and rest panic was not good.

She gave instructions for me to lay down and not move all of wednesday and then got us in for an emergency scan on thursday.           tumblr_mi1tpbtmia1s2m96co1_400

So tuesday night we slept little as we were worrying and wednesday was also filled with fear and worry. Alex stayed home with me and looked after my every need. I didnt bleed again which was a good sign.

Thursday came and it was Valentines Day and my Birthday but i didnt feel like celebrating although i was being positive. I had read on the pregnancy form about the blood happening to other women and there babies being fine so that had given me hope.

Alex drove us slowly and carefully to the appointment and i walked like a zombie trying to be careful. The Dr who did the scan for us was so nice he did an outside scan on my belly to check for a heartbeat.

I had a few moments of fear until suddenly boom boom there was a strong heartbeat banging away! I turned my head and watched my little bean wiggling its arms and legs on the monitor! I was so happy!!

The Dr said everything was fine they had thought it might have been a slightly de-ttached placenta which caused the bleed but he now said everything was fine and perfect! We were over joyed!

They now suspected the blood was a burst blood vessel from inside me and nothing to worry about. They said bed rest for 4 days and the next scan as normal in 3 weeks on 7th March!

Alex took me home and spoiled me with chocolates, cheesy puffs and a homemade cheese burger for lunch i had been craving!

So it turned out to be my best birthday ever! 😀

18th February 2013

Hormonal moment & back ache

So the last 5 days of resting up had been a bit of a torture! I had back ache most of it and i could barely walk! I was bent over like a little old lady and Alex had to help me of the bed when i needed to get up!

He was so good though and really looked after me 🙂 Fetching things i needed and bringing me food. He was slightly annoying though as he kept commenting on things im eating even though i tend to only have a snack every few hours in the day. Like i had a yoghurt then 30mins later i had one of my birthday chocolates! lol

I have also been told by 6 Italians & my Alex im not allowed to have baths anymore! Because they are all certain its bad for me & the baby so instead im going to be using the shower head in the bath to shower. I have just caved in and went with Alex’s wish for my to do this even though my English parents think its crazy & of course you can have a bath!

Anyway there was no more blood everything seems fine 🙂 I have had a few long dull throbs in my belly which apparently are ligaments stetching & my uterus growing to make room for my bean 🙂

Im still taking it easy though until the next scan which is 7th March so no going out just laying on the sofa and not doing anything just to make sure everything is ok 🙂 I have the sofa bed down all the time now so its my nest 🙂

I had my first hormonal moment saturday night! My parents always tend to ask what we are having for dinner & then tell us what there having. Its always been kind of amusing for my sister & Dad as some of the dinners/foods they have i cant get here in Italy.

Saturday night was one of these moments as my Dad smiled and said he was off to get Fish and chips freshly cooked from the chip shop! After the skype call i broke down in a flood of tears as i had been craving fish for a while and suddenly the craving was really strong! I sobbed my heart out telling Alex i wanted fish and chips!

Bless his heart he rushed out to the supermarket which was on the verge of closing and bought me frozen fishfingers and chunky chips! He then carefully cooked it all for us! I was so happy and over joyed over such a simple thing!

These hormone moments can be quite scary and it passed after 20 minutes! I apologised to Alex telling him i wasnt a monster and he just laughed and said he knew but he also knew it was going to get worst first! lol And it would be a long 7 & half months!                                                                                   tumblr_mitxkrpHSa1s2m96co1_400

21st February 2013

Weight Gain

So 4 weeks ago when we had the first scan the Gyno weighed me and i was 60kgs which she wanted me to stay at.

But since then with the scare and everything i havent been doing alot off moving about just staying laying down as i was told to do and i have been eating alot of carbs and neglecting vegtables as i just dont fancy them!

So today i weighed myself and found im now at 62kgs! Not to bad but i should get back to 60kgs. So my plan is to cut down on the carbs and eat for vegtables and protein. Also im going for my first walk today since the scare so movement should help me get back down to where i need to be. So back to walking a bit everyday.

At the moment im in whats called ‘the grey area’ some women experience where almost all the pregnancy symptoms disappear. Im still peeing alot and getting tired but i have no more feeling sick no more breast aches etc. This is normal when your moving into the 2nd Trimester and as im 11 weeks this week i dont have long until im there 🙂

5th March 2013

Pulls & pains

The last 3 weeks i have had dull aches, pulling and sharp pains which i found a bit scary. When your a first time Mother you dont really know what to expect with a first time pregnancy you just know about the most common symptoms.

So these pains and aches were a bit scary! But luckily i have joined a lovely pregnancy forum and joined the ‘due in september’ group. All the ladies are due that month and it ranges from first timers to veteran Mom’s who know whats going on.

When i mentioned my concerns on the forum i was put as ease apparently theses aches and pains are very normal! The ligaments are pulling making room for the baby and the uterus is getting bigger 🙂 Alot of other ladies who are the same week along as me are experiencing theese to! As the baby is growing rapidly now as im 12 weeks along almost 13 weeks yay! Which will be the end of the first Trimester and the most tense 3 months.

We have a scan this thursday and a Gyno appointment after than i should be able to start my prenatal workout video as i will be in the 2nd Trimester.

Im finally eating more healthy again and going for walks everyday which i really need right now.

Some of my close friends who know im pregnant have been very supportive and i dont know what i would do without them:)

7th March 2013

Todays Scan

Had the scan today everything went well and perfect as i mentioned on my “Big News & the reason i missed my first HM” blog post im 14 weeks along according to the scan Dr! not 13 weeks 😀 and past the first Trimester Yay! and now im up to date with the past 2 months 🙂 tumblr_mitxk6saZc1s2m96co1_500


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