Maternity clothes tips for living in Roma

Today im blogging about maternity clothes and there prices here in Roma and alternatives you can do if you dont want to spend loads of money on things your going to wear for only 5 months.

Im hoping some other expats who find themselves pregnant here will find this all helpful.

Since becoming pregnant my chest has increased and i have found my normal bra’s more and more uncomfortable and i have been desperate for some relief. I had read online about material maternity bra’s which could be bought and offer relief especially as your purposed to go up 2 cup sizes!   DSC00778

I asked the other expat Mum’s i know about these maternity bra’s and they suggested going to a cheap sports shop and buying some running support bras. Another suggested ‘prenatal’ which is a maternity shop here in Roma but after looking at there website i wasnt that impressed with what they had to offer.

In the end i found some really comfortable material bra’s in the style of sports bra’s in the bancarella (Market) which were only 3 euro’s each!! They have enough room if my boobage decides to get bigger but still support me in the perfect way! They will also be perfect for breastfeeding 🙂

I also started to google Maternity shops here in Roma and i was a bit shocked at what i found! There isnt very many, there mainly very expensive and you dont get much choice. These are the ones i found:   – this shop i do like the look of as it has some very cute stuff!

Also H&M if you go to the big stores they do have Maternity clothes & i have read that some Benetton shops also have baby & Maternity clothes!

Personally i doubt i will buy alot of maternity clothes new unless i see something i really like. I ended up turning to Ebay & buying some second hand maternity tops and shorts (some of my tops havent arrived yet but there cute t-shirts with funny maternity slogans on). In the end it was cheaper to buy them this way then go spend 30-40 euros on one maternity top here in Roma!


Also if you have a look in some of the bigger supermakets like ‘Panorama’ they tend to have a clothes section and you can also buy larger elasticated underwear for cheap for when your belly gets bigger rather than spending out on expensive maternity underwear/knickers.

I bought 2 maternity belly bands from Ebay they offer support when your belly gets really big and allows you to still wear your normal jeans & trousers. Basically you put on your trousers/jeans but leave them unzipped and unbuttoned then you put the belly band on over the top and it keeps them up and you baby supported.  5-9

If you really want Maternity clothes from these shops i have mentioned its probably better to wait until either the winter or summer sales (the only 2 sale times in Italy) when you can get alot of things at bargain and reduced prices. But remember to go early when the sales start or you might not have much choice on size etc nearer the end of it.

It was also suggested to me to just buy bigger size clothes or bigger clothes for cheap on the market which is also a good idea.

So as you can see there are alternatives to the expensive maternity clothes shops here in Roma. I find it a shame though that theres only a few shops doing this sort of thing and how expensive they are here.

I did noticed last year when i went to visit my family in the UK that alot of clothes shops in England sell maternity clothes now and not very expensive at that with a lot more choices. I kinda wish Italy was more like that with maternity clothes but like i said you can always find a way around it if you dont want to spend tons of money.


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