Saturday Day & Ladies Night – The Perfect Bun

So friday night was a good night at the local Irish Pub with some italian friends and it was alot of fun! I love this group of people there very noisy and playful and it always makes me smile to go out with them. To much food was eaten and they all drank to much beer 😉 lol

Saturday i took my friend Yasmin to a couple of bancarella (markets) near piramide metro/train station and another at EUR Fermi 🙂 We both enjoyed having a chat as we searched for some bargains among the second hand clothes. I was really happy that i had finally gotten to show her where they are as they come in handy if you dont have tons of money, need some shopping therapy and just want to find a bargain!

We both managed to find something we really liked so were both really happy! Yasmin’s little finger went numb for a while which was a bit weird but i think it was the cold as EUR area tends to be a lot coolier i noticed than the other areas we had been in. After much wiggling the blood flow did return to her little pinky much to the her relief!

There was a local Mcdonalds (bad i know) so we had a quick bite to eat for lunch in there and chatted some more. I really like there double cheese burgers at the moment which i dont get very often!

On the train back we noticed loads of people and realised that this weekend was going to be hectic! Saturday afternoon was Ireland vs Italy! Sunday was St Patricks Day, the new Pope’s first speech, a football match and the Roma Marathon! So sunday would not be a good day to go out! lol

Saturday night i was meeting up with the group of ladies who i have dinner with once a month. We would be trying ‘The Perfect Bun’ an American style burger place which sounded quite nice.

After meeting up with 3 of the ladies we headed by car to Largo Argentina and found a parking spot. We actually got lost trying to find the place but after some google mapping and a phone call to the friend who was already there we found it. It was slightly tucked back from the street and the sign on the front wasnt that big.

Once inside we were taken up some stairs then had to walk across a glass floor to our table, 2 of us were not happy about this as we didnt like the idea of walking on glass but we made it to the table. Also it was pointed out by one of us that the people below us at the bar could see up any skirt or dress we were wearing. To me this was a bad tick against the place as it wasnt a very nice thing to happen if your a woman.


Next we started looking through the menu which was a bit expensive! Some Nachos were ordered for a starter and when they came they had meat on them! One of the ladies is vegetarian so of course she couldnt eat them. When we told the waitress she said we had a choice of meat or meatless nachos but she had assumed we wanted to meat ones.

We were not impressed as it was her job to tell us what was what so for me another bad tick.  DSC00780

For the main i ordered the BBQ ribs and asked the lady if they came with chips and she said no as the ribs were very big so i said fine i would just have the ribs. Everyone else ordered burgers and a chicken burrito. She wrote it all down and didnt ask how anyone wanted there meat/burgers cooked but luckily i said well done for my ribs.


When my ribs arrived they came with chips and the waitress said she had decided to add chips to them for me even though i had said no! another bad tick.

The ribs were huge so i used my fingers to eat them and after taking a bite i found that instead of BBQ they tasted really spicy! Not what i was expecting! In the UK the BBQ i have had before was more sweet than spicy so i was a bit disappointed. My lips actually started going numb because of this and i couldnt really taste any of the sauce which kinda spoilt it for me.

One of the ladies who had a burger was disappointed to as her burger was very pink inside and was not happy that the waitress hadnt asked how she wanted her burger cooked.

No one asked for dessert and i think we were all just happy to escape the place! We all paid 24 euros each as the bill came to 120 euros.

In the end i think we were all a bit disappointed with our experience at this burger style place and doubt any of us would go there again. It wasnt that special as it had sounded and was an expensive let down.


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