Preparing for September :)

I have been thinking about what i need to buy ready for when the baby is born in September and started googling. I know im only 4 months along but decided its probably best to start looking at things like this now! And wow what a headache and the expense!

You dont realise how much stuff you need! diapers, clothes, bed, carrier, pushchair, bottles, creams etc etc

Luckily one of the expat Mom’s Becca who is a very good friend of mine has told me i can have alot of her baby stuff as her little girl is over 1 year old now and she doesnt need all her newborn stuff anymore. We have also had a few Italian friends offer baby stuff to! 😀

So Becca will be giving me baby clothes as the baby will grow quickly the first 9 months so theres no point buying brand new stuff! It is just a waste of money! A pushchair, baby carrier basket, baby bouncer, baby bath and 2 car seats! So quite alot of stuff which i dont mind that its 2nd hand as it will save alot of money and theres no point buying brand new with alot of this stuff!

Also theres a shop in Roma called ‘Baby Bazar’ its a second hand shop that sells everything for babies and little children! So again a very helpful place if you dont want to or dont have tons of money!

My Mother and Sister will be visiting in May and they do want to buy and bring stuff over so we have it ready for september! So baby bottles, stretchs mark cream, baby bibs, sippi cups, etc which will also be very useful! And also some maternity tops they got me which is so nice of them!

So in the end all me and Alex need to buy new is the baby bed, baby blankets, play mat, some toys like a rattle, music toy.

Also we need to think about getting latches for low cupboards in the kitchen so its child safe and other places around the house.

So alot of things to start thinking about and preparing for and im sure there will be something we will miss until someone points it out! lol

These are the joys of becoming soon to be parents! Its all so new, both scary and exciting!

My friend Becca also got me a book as a late birthday present and i LOVE IT!! Its called ‘What to Expect when you’re Expecting’ it basically explains everything you will or could go through when pregnant but in an easy way. Also it has sections for everythings and is really worth the read if you are or thinking about getting pregnant.

Theres even a big section for ‘Daddy to be’ and is really helpful for the man and explains what your partner is going through and how you can help. It also makes the man feel more relaxed and less helpless.




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