100 Day Yoga Challenge! – Day 1

So Yesterday my friend Jess messaged me and asked if i wanted to do a Yoga challenge with her! I have been needing the motivation to start my pre-natal yoga now for ages and this sounded pretty good.  http://jessicaontherun.com/2013/03/24/100-days-of-yoga-challenge/

And so i agreed 🙂 So after a long while chatting about it and how long it would be it was settled on 100 days of yoga! It doesnt matter if the workout is 15mins to 1 hour as long as you are doing it once a day for 100 days.

Of course there might be a missed day here and there that can’t be helped but we are going to try our best to keep to it everyday as much as humanly possible!

We found quite a few yoga sites with free workouts you can follow so you dont get bored, can mix them up and of course theres always youtube as well if you dont have any Yoga workouts on DVD 🙂

Im really excited about this as i have said i really need to start doing my pre-natal yoga to keep fit and i have read alot that this yoga can help make labour easier as well. I have been kinda lost exercise wise as i cant run when pregnant and although im going for alot of walks im not getting the same satisfaction out of them.

We also have been trying to encourage others on facebook and twitter to do the challenge with us! As its fun and we want to share it so if you feel you can do 100 day challenge and like or want to start yoga please go ahead and join in 🙂

So today i had a look at a pre-natal yoga workout on http://yogameditationhome.com  which looked pretty good, they have a nice selection ranging from 5 mins, 15 mins to 1 hour.

If your doing any type pre-natal workout Always try and make sure you are comfortable with the exercises they expect you to do! and always ask your Doctor/Gyno before hand if its ok for you to do this type of exercise.

I have done yoga before but have chosen to find a beginners pre-natal yoga workout as some of the others looked pretty crazy even for someone who has done yoga before!

I decided to give an 11 minute workout a go and see what it was like. All the instructors are pregnant or have pregnant women doing the class to so its nice to see where everything is supposed to go while your doing it lol

This workout has 3 ladies taking part all in the different trimesters so you could see the difference body shapes and how far you had to go stretching wise.

It was quite a relaxing workout a ‘bond with baby’ type yoga which was really nice very gentle stretches not to much for the first day of the challenge and left me feeling happy.

Im going to see what other workouts i can find on the site www.gaiamtv.com which Jess suggested as she has been googling and searching away for yoga workouts for herself but also having a check on them for pre-natal ones to!

So i have decided i will probably do a blog post once a week rounding up the week of yoga challenge rather than blog everyday 🙂


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