Day 3 Yoga Challenge

Day 3 of the yoga challenge and i was not sure which workout to do!

Luckily Jess suggested which is a site you have to register with to be able to use 🙂 After looking at there selection of pre-natal workouts i settled for a 15 minute one.

It started off with a bit of seated stretching then a little meditation to bond with baby. After that it moved into some slow stretches which were relaxing and stretched me out on my hands & knees and then again seated.

I really like the feeling afterwards of my stretched spine and arms and the meditation at the begining was very relaxing! I would do this workout again for sure if i was feeling stressed or wanted something relaxing.


So i have been slacking lately with my food and turning to junk like crisps and chocolate because they were easy and at hand.
But since starting the weekly yoga workouts and getting out to walk more i have decided to fix my eating slip!

I really need to eat healthy again and be good like i was doing a few weeks ago. Its been hard having to have EVERYTHING well cooked and using plastic gloves as im not allowed to touch raw meat and raw fruit and veggies. So its been understandable that i slipped into eating processed foods and junk food.

So i have made myself a pregnancy meal plan for lunches & snacks during the day and so far its working out very well.

1) scrambled egg on toast with some sweetcorn
2) fishfingers and carrots
3)Baked potato with cheese & broccoli
4) Pasta with veggies
5) veggie omlete
6)pork chop & veggies
7)chicken & veggies

Snacks: Fruit, nuts, yoghurt, peanut butter on toast.
I need to eat more Nutritional things like veggies and white meats which are better for the baby. So the meal plans i can mix
and match them or change them around if i get bored.

Even dinners are now more healthy as Alex has agreed we should eat better for both of us! Which is very sweet of him! So again plenty of mixed cooked veggies and different meats like chicken and sometimes even beef.


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