We have to do what now?! (visiting Hospitals in Roma)

So my friend Jess innocently asked me if we had picked a hospital to give Birth in yet. I told her the Dr had recommended a couple and we would choose where to go when the time came.

She seemed shocked by this and i didnt understand why!? Wasn’t that what we were supposed to do? thats what happened in movies & on tv you just turned up on D day and give Birth right?     confused_baby-higgs-boson-lol

Apparently not i am then told! We should go look at the hospitals see what they have to offer and see if we like them. Also maybe book a private room etc if we want one for the big day. And also find out what we are supposed to bring on the day!

If we just turned up on the day without doing this we could just be fit in when they have space and not treated so well!

So this was suddenly alot to think about suddenly! and now being 21 weeks along (5 month 1 week) i realised we didnt have time to hang around and put these kinda things off!
Jess then mentioned i should have a look on some of the expats sites forums to see if there were any threads about giving Birth here in Italy! To see if any places were recommended etc although i didnt see any for Roma ones.

I kinda knew they werent all going to be warm and fuzzy experiences i would be reading but i was SHOCKED at all the negative posts! I only managed it to page 3 of the comments before i started to have a panic attack!

I felt sick and suddenly didnt want to give Birth! Or at least not in one of the hopsitals talked about!

Showing my friend the link she had to agree with me on this and perhaps it was only the people with negative experiences who had posted.

So i decided to ask some of the Mum’s on the Rome Moms4Moms facebook Group their experiences and recomendations. And also some twitter friends who live in and around Roma.

The feed back was really good! All positive stories and places to go recommended! Thank god i asked them it made me feel alot better about it all.

Another friend Becca mentioned anyone who wanted to be present at the Birth of her girls had to be tested for Salmonella so they could be in the birthing room and the test takes 3 weeks for results! So that was suddenly another question! eek

And i realise now the dangers of reading stuff off expat forum sites! Yes sometimes there is good advice like where to eat or visit but sometimes people just like to post the negative stuff to freak others out. Its Always best to ask people you know rather than a nameless stranger on a forum who might just enjoy upsetting others.

So at least now im feeling a bit more relaxed about it but holy crap the time is passing fast now and we really need to sort these things out!

So i made a list of things to talk to Alex about that evening:

1) OMFG find a hospital NOW!
2) prenatal class would be nice i might need that funny breathing.
3) Class to prepare us for the horrors…opps sorry i mean joys of dealing with a newborn!

4) Will you get tested for Salmonella (im not freaking doing this alone!)


We ended up discussing this all this morning….well when i say dicussed i mean ideas and questions were bounced around! And then we came to the conclusion its better to ask the Dr/Gyno when we see her thursday and see what she says.

Alex thinks we have plenty of time and i should be calm! seriously? just over 4 months can go pretty quickly! And if Peanut decideds to come way early i would rather know where we are going then have a panic filled joy ride to any hospital within speeding distance to!     car-humor-funny-joke-busted-speeding

Ok i do realise i might be over thinking this a bit to much but it is our first time having a baby, giving Birth etc so im allowed to be a little bit worried right?

Maybe a little to much maybe when you ask your husband ‘if hes giving Birth now?’ instead of ‘are you getting dressed now?’ and not realise what you just said LMAO!! (true story just did it lol)



MammaFit in Roma

I was scrolling through facebook for more links for kids stuff in Roma and came across the Mammafit facebook page and their website! http://www.mammaf.it/

They offer a fitness class for mothers and babies in strollers and theres one right here in Roma! (squeals with excitment!)

I had vaguely heard of it before as there had been a post about it in the Firenze Moms4moms facebook page but it had been for that area and no where near Roma which i remember finding a bit disappointing! (i actually had a hormonal sulk about it).

So you can imagine how happy i was to discover they do it here where i live to now!!

Finding that theres this Mammafit  paid course in Roma has really cheered me up! Especially as i am already thinking about how to get back into shape after Peanut is born in September. (yes i miss my running ALOT).

I did notice they did a prenatal fitness workout to but not for one in Roma! grrrrr This would have been perfect for me! But i guess i just have to keep up with my little walks and maybe do the prenatal workout i have…rather than just staring at the dvd cover every so often!


Yes i do want to start running again soon as possible after Peanut is born i know this might be hard to do. Especially with a newborn baby who needs attention! with exploding poop, cuddles, feeding and sleeping all the time.

But Alex has said he will watch the baby alone in the evenings when she arrives when i need to go for a quick run! which is very sweet! He knows how important my running/fitness is to me normally.

I have also been reading up on running buggies/pushchairs! So you can go running with your baby which i think is a very cool idea! But it wouldnt be until the baby was a bit bigger in months not a newborn.

I also intend to do my weights after as well to help the extra pounds drop off as building some muscle is a good thing. Not that i wont be building any muscle with a baby lol. Constant carrying and lifting should start my arm muscles off again nicely!


But its nice to have the option of a postnatal fitness class like Mammafit to attend especially as there more likely to work on problem areas for new mothers 🙂 Plus i get to meet other new mothers and there little ones!

I also think its kinda nice getting to work out with your baby! Using the stroller for balance or running with it while your little one looks on and hopefully picks up some good habits!


Saying all this i have read how exhausting having a new baby is! And did i mention the exploding poop?  and other weird and wonderful experiences you cannot dream of as a new parent apparently!

So it might take me a while to find my feet and have energy and not feel exhausted running round like a crazy woman trying to please this small pink wrinkly creature which will suddenly come dropping into our world turning out lives upside down! 😉


1 yr Wedding Anniversary (where the heck has the the time gone?)

Seriously where has the time gone? It feels like i have been married for 5 minutes and suddenly now its our 1 year wedding anniversary looming out of know where!! Im happy we are so comfortable and happy in our marriage but does the time really have to fly by so fast when your having fun?

Warning this blog post is full of food! and i mean ALOT of food 😛 you have been warned lol 😉383477_10151607279200647_568545646_24639454_1695528507_n

Last weekends early celebrations where of course cancelled as i explained in an earlier blog post due to bad luck! Well ok more like the universe giving us a kick in the pants telling us to stay in that weekend. And so this weekend the actual anniversary we wanted to do something a little bit different even if it was close to home!

Friday Alex was home as it was a mandatory holiday at his office due to the bank holiday the day before so we had two lazy days with short walks in the evenings 🙂 Then friday evening after i suggest we go for a nice walk we suddenly wound up next to one of our favorite pizza places! (Yes this did seem to be planned on his part hes craft like that lol)

Campione delle Pizza which is a pizza al taglio (takeaway pizza)! We couldnt just walk past and after 30 seconds of staring through the glass we found ourselves inside with the rising smell of freshly cooked pizza. The woman in there knows us by now and she smiled and enthusiastically pointed at a pizza and said it had just come out of the oven.

The pizza in question was my favorite pancetta, provola & salsa zucca (bacon, cheese with pumpkin sauce)! I have been avoiding bacon for the last 5 months because i was uncertain i could eat it or not. But noticing my bump the woman asked the cook who said yes cooked pancetta was fine to eat when pregnant! woohoo!

So i nodded and got a huge chunk of my favorite pizza! yummy! Alex got a prosciutto & cheese pizza then smiled at me and said happy Anniversary! He knew just how happy i was to get my favorite pizza after so long not having it!!


Saturday we decided to have a wander up to the shopping street about 25minutes walk from us. We dont often venture up there but we like to window shop sometimes so its a nice place to walk not to far. We did some window shopping and Alex kept saying he should get me something pretty for our Anniversary! I wasnt to fussed theres not really alot i want right now and i was just happy to spend time with him and have a laugh.

We walked the shopping street for about 30 minutes then found ourselves outside Macdonalds and yes it was lunchtime (well planned on my part heehee) So we went inside to try out their quarter pounders 😉 Alex had the bacon one of course and i was happy with a cheese one yummy! And of course like any good couple we shared 1 bag of chips!

veganLead-420x0We also popped over to the cinema across the street and bought Iron Man 3 tickets in English for tomorrow night woohoo! Which we are both very excited about! (Nerd-ish overload)

Then we decided to walk back the way we came which was the long route home rather than be lazy and go the shorter way! We needed the exercise to work off the burgers anyway. Peanut was happily kicking away by then probably on a food rush from the fast food i had just consumed!

I saw a pretty top in a window of a shop and went inside to have a look at it! Holding it up i could see it would fit me when i was ‘normal size’ which im not anymore. Alex kindly pointed this out to me to which made me depressed and putting it back on the trail we headed outside.

Alex then spent 20 minutes trying to convince me he would go buy it for me as an Anniversary present as he could see how much i liked it lol. But in the end i said no it was ok and that there was no point buying an expensive top that would sit in my draw until next year. (I may be crazy but in not that crazy).

I did feel better though after we wandered into a cheapo market shop which sold everything for the house and i bought some new lady razors! Sad yes i know to be excited about something so small like this! But i have been wanting to buy new ones for 3 weeks but my short gold fish pregnancy brain had me forgetting everytime i went into a shop :/


Later on in the afternoon i got a craving for chocolate which i dont usually eat very often! Im pretty certain it was because of the many cake shops we had walked past that morning and my keen almost dog-like sense of smell had picked up the lovely smell of freshly cooked chocolate cakes! There was no escaping it i need a chocolate fix and i needed it NOW!!

Luckily we have a local cake shop 3 minutes walk from home and so grabbing Alex we headed over there. Alex tried to convince me to go to the bar for a cake but i shook my head! Was he crazy??! What i wanted only the cake shop could provide!

So after a few minutes we emerged with little cakes his full of cream and mine full of delicious chocolate! HMMMMMM! As you can see from my pic the cake isnt big and i only wanted a small fix for my craving and it really hit the spot! 🙂


A friend visited us in the afternoon as well bringing homemade Ragu with her!! yummy! so we knew what we were having for dinner tomorrow evening 😉

Sunday breakfast was another small chocolate cake from the cake shop yummy!! I know its bad but hey its the day of my Anniversary lol

We had a nice morning of snuggling & watching tv then headed to a local restaurant we have walked past a few times but never tried. Its called ‘Da Palazzo 2’ on Via Valsugana.

Alex was very Italian about this saying we should try a dish of pasta the first time visting this new place and if that was good and tasty then on our next visit we could try fish or meat etc.

Its funny how some Italian’s do this or wont go and eat somewhere new unless someone has recommended it to them and said the food is good at the certain place. Food is a big part of the culture here in Italy so if you go somewhere for an event/anniversary they like to get it right lol

But once we got to the place we ended up ordering meat! lol Starter was mozzarella and then some little pieces of lamb on a stick OMG it was soooooooo good! I could have eaten them all day!! And Alex Loved them to! In his exact words ‘it was epic’.

DSC00844                                   DSC00848


Of course Alex took the chance to order alot of red wine which he started to drink even before the food arrived lol So he was a little bit tipsy when it did arrive! 🙂






Next we had our mains Alex had Veal with potatoes and i had chicken with cooked mixed bell peppers! Again really good dishes and yes we do plan to eat here again! They have alot of variety on there menu and we want to try it all!!!

DSC00850             DSC00849








By now Alex was slightly drunk and very full and said he didnt want anymore food! lol But i wanted a dessert so ordered a tart with jam and then Alex decided to have strawberries and cream! LOL

DSC00860                                  DSC00857









There were quite a few families in the place and Alex spent alot of time watching the parents with the children and the babies. He likes to watch to see how this parenting business is done as he knows hes going to have to learn for himself soon. 🙂

We headed back home with full bellies and feeling happy and i knew that we would end up napping as a bit of wine and my dear Italian husband always needs to have a lay down afterwards which is kinda sweet!

Which is also why i am glad we booked the cinema for this evening as we were in no fit state to go right then! We both needed to have a nap for different reasons.

So this evening we are going to see Iron Man 3 at the cinema after a very light dinner of either tuna cheese sandwiches or a bowl of fruit after our big lunch today 🙂 Im hoping Bump will be ok as i know she can hear outside my tummy now so hopefully the film wont scare the crap out of her to much! I do expect to have lots of kicking from her while its on but we shall see 🙂


So all in all this weekend has been fun! And celebrated in a very Italian way with food! LOTS of food!:) As everyone knows Italian’s love their food!

And so for me tomorrow its back to cooked veggies & small spaced out meals packed with protien and good things for my Peanut! Although the food we had all weekend was very very good! And she seemed to enjoy the few sugar rushes she had from my desserts lol

Im still waiting for weird & wonderful cravings to hit but had nothing major so far! (sweet & sour sauce with fishfingers doesnt count right?)

Also i must get my lazy butt out for more walks to burn off some unwanted calories as i dont want to be to big over the hot Italian summer even though i wont be able to go out much then in the day and will probably end up becoming a nocturnal creature of the night to avoid the sun. Which might freak Alex out a little mawwwhaaaaaa!


Events for Kids in Roma

I Always like to plan ahead and being part of the Rome Moms4Moms Group now im Always on the look out for events/activites for kids in Roma! http://romemoms4moms.wordpress.com/
So i have found some interesting events for parents with kids here in Roma. And websites i have book marked which might come in handy over the next few years! 😉
First is ‘Garage Sale Kids’ which is a 2nd hand kids market which sells 2nd hand toys, clothes etc. The kids actually sell there stuff with the help of there parents so its like a carboot sale but everything for little ones https://it-it.facebook.com/GarageSaleKids
The sale is held at ‘parco Regionale dell’ Appia Antica’ on sunday the 6th May. So a good  day out for parents with there kids or parents wanting to sell old kids clothes, toys & equipment.
They seem to hold them every so often and advertise them on there facebook page so its Always good to keep an eye out when the next one will be held.
The next website was posted on the Rome Moms4moms facebook page by my friend Cami 🙂  http://www.scubashow.it/index.php/scuba-bimbi
Its a scuba yearly show for adults but with childrens activities over 3 days which was last weekend. Apparently there is a large picnic area and the children will learn about the sea through games, activities and drawings.
Also from April until July Bioparco the local zoo in Roma will be holding a Butterflies & Co exhibition! Where you can walk through an 80sqm heated greenhouse which will hold the butterflies and other creatures such as stick insects, grasshoppers & other insects.
They also recently had a baby camel born at the the zoo so also something nice to see when having a trip to Roma 🙂
There’s the 10th Edition of the Bertani Dai which is a Street festival for kids in Trastevere, along the Via Agostino Bertani in Roma.
Illustrators, painters, sculptors, Writers, photographers, filmmakers, Actors,  acrobats will fill the streets for this event on the 26th May. https://www.facebook.com/bertanidai
Also a race i really wanted to do this May was the Race for the Cure through Roma. But of course being pregnant now i cannot run it! (theres Always next year).
5km competitive and 2km non competitive race on May 19th at Circo Massimo http://www.raceforthecure.it/
They will also have fun activities for children such as cooking classes and much more so again another family day out if you run or not.
I have also found a Mum and child’s swimming course/lessons at Olympic Stadium Swimming pool, Foro italico. Its 2 days a week for 4 months!
There are various kids puppet shows in Villa Borghese from 25th April until 16th June. http://rome.angloinfo.com/whatson/event/6120/-pesciolino-doro
Theres an informal baby singing session Group as well which sounds nice! http://rome.angloinfo.com/whatson/event/1998/baby-singing
Children’s cinema in Villa Borghese! The cinema organises film screenings for children, educational workshops, an annual children’s film festival and other initiatives including private parties.  http://www.cinemadeipiccoli.it/home.htm
And then of course there are other attractions and theme parks in Roma such as:
http://www.fantasticomondo.it/web/ – A Theme park devoted entirely to the world of fantasy and the imagination.
https://www.magicland.it/ – Theme park for kids.
http://www.zoomarine.it/ – water theme park
http://www.aquapiper.it/aqua/aquapiper.html – Another Water theme park
http://www.hydromania.it/it/ – Water Park.
So with just a bit of searching you can find alot of activities, Group & lessons to have fun with your children here in Roma!
Im sure at some point over the summer i will post again with some other activites i will find for kids & adults 😉
All these links i think will come in handy in the future and also for other expat Mothers i have been sharing them with on the Rome Moms4moms facebook/blog Group!

Giant baby born in Milan!

This morning i read about an Egyptian woman in Milan giving birth to a 6.3kg baby!! It took seven Doctors to help her through labour and birth! I cannot believe what i was reading and even watched the video footage they have of the baby and its huge! I have never seen a newborn baby so big in my life! Reading on it appears her other 2 children weighed 5kgs each when born to so shes used to big babies.

Unfortunately it wasnt a world record as a baby in American was born weighing 7kgs!

I cannot imagine giving birth to a big baby like that! What if you were a really small woman? It was more than likely a c-section as im not sure a 6.3kg baby would come out the normal way for child birth surely!?!

How big was her belly carrying such a mighty child? Her back must have been Killing her with all that extra weight?

All these questions buzzed around my head as i watched the footage and read the article.

Im already worried peanut will inherit her Daddy’s big head lol and im hoping shes a normal size baby. Im not to worried as all the babies born in my family have been small. Even in Alex’s family the women seem to be quite small and the men really tall.

So in a way im kinda glad im having a girl and not a boy in that sense as a baby boy would probably be bigger. But then you never know peanut might be big! (hopefully not)

Im 20 weeks now so 5 months half way there yay! Peanut has been kicking away happily alot and im happy to feel her even at night 🙂 Sometimes she wakes me up lol

I have had some more pulling, stretching aches in my belly which is normal for around this time as the baby will start to grow faster now 🙂 And boob aches to as they are again doing some growing and preparing!

Alex started reading ‘The Hobbit’ in Italian to Peanut all over the weekend 🙂 he lay right near my belly and began reading and she moved to the side he was talking & started kicking away. She kicked all the time he was talking then stopped when he stopped reading. I really think she likes the sound of his voice and Alex is already in love with her even though shes not properly here yet!


In Bocca al Lupo – In the Mouth of the Wolf

Theres a saying in Italian ” In Bocca al Lupo” translation ‘In the mouth of the wolf’ which mean good luck but the person who its said to must reply ” Crepi il Lupo” which means ‘May the wolf die’ which means send the bad luck away. If you dont give the reply or at least the ” Crepi Lupo” or ” Crepi”  you will have bad luck.

I love saying’s like this in Italian and how they have things for good luck like a man scratching his balls with his left hand! And it has to be the left hand to be lucky.

So today my blog is about bad luck but also good luck if you look at it in both ways 🙂

We were supposed to be going away this weekend using the gift box we had got as a wedding present last year. We had decided to use it as a getaway for our 1 year wedding anniversary which is next weekend but was going to go away this weekend as an early break.

Things started to go wrong when on wednesday Alex woke up ill and had a swollen throat which the Doctor gave him antibiotics for along with some allergy tablets. He felt pretty crap for 3 days but still had the hope we could get to go away this weekend.

This morning he was ooming and arrring about going and that he would feel bad and guiltly if we didnt go even though he still felt bad. So after a few hours of this i told him to make a hard desicion on what we were going to do.

So in the end we decided to just cancel the weekend away as it wasnt going to happen with him still ill. We phoned the hotel but they told us to contact the gift box people as they might be able to move the weekend for us! So Alex contacted them by phone then sent them an email about hopefully moving the weekend to a different weekend.

I still felt a bit down we werent going away so Alex suggested we jump in the car and go walk around a local park a 10 minute drive away as it would be relaxing and we could both do with some air.

So getting the car we headed off only to have the car stall at the traffic lights as we waited for them to change colour! Silence filled the car then Alex looked worried as apparently the power was having trouble getting to the engine!

Luckily we managed to restart it and turned around to head home again the whole time Alex saying he was worried it would cut out again at any time! But we managed to get the the underground garage without another incident.

Alex immediately got the car booklet out and started to try to workout what had gone wrong.

I calmly went home put the kettle on and sent him a texting saying “Love you lets have a quiet weekend in instead?”  10 minutes later he came home locking the door behind him.

We took one look at eachother and started to laugh! We both agreed you couldnt be angry when the universe was obviously trying so hard to keep you in over this weekend!

Yes the car will have to be fixed but it was better to have it stall not far from home and not on the way somewhere far away or in rush hour!

Alex contacted the gift box people and calmly told the man it was ok to cancel the whole trip 🙂 when the man asked why Alex explained our day and trying hard not to laugh at the other end of the phone the man agreed with him.

Italian’s take signs like these very seriously and now so do i its hard now to be upset or angry when everything just had to go wrong! Sometimes its better to look on the bright side and also being able to see the funny side of things!

So i will plan something fun for next weekend for our Anniversary which doesnt involve going away or using the car and hopefully it should go a little better 😉



Update: Sunday morning which is today we woke up to the news Alex’s Aunt in the Mountains had died…..she was very old, ill and couldnt move for many years and had to be looked after by her daughter Alex’s cousin. We were both very upset with this news and phoned our family there and spoke to the daughter who said at least her mother is free now.

So in a way at least shes free and at peace now instead of being trapped in a body and mind that didnt work properly anymore for her.

Alex was thankful we had gone to the mountains on holiday the last 3 years running so we got to see his Aunt before she passed away.

They say bad luck comes in 3’s so that should be us done for this weekend now.

So now a quiet and reflective sunday for us.

English Language films/Cinema’s in Roma

I know i have mentioned this before but not sure i have done a whole post on it so thats what i have decided to do today.

Cinema’s that play movies in the orgininal English language do exist for expats who love there movie nights out at the cinema! And yes i am one of them! I used to love going out sometimes once a week when i lived in London with friends to watch a new movie at the nearest cinema.

So when i first moved to Roma all those years ago i was worried that was something i would have to give up and for some years i did. Until i found a cinema near Piazza del Popolo playing films on certains days & times in English and suddenly i had the excitment of going to the cinema once more!

Alex took me to that cinema 2-3 times to watch different films and i even once went with a girl i used to teach english to to watch a Harry Potter film! But alas that cinema closed down and i have no idea why!

It was in a popular spot for tourists, a busy area and always busy with a long cue to get in. So when it closed down i was very confused and sad that the one place i had found had gone and going to the cinema to watch films in English was once again gone from my life!

Then 2 year ago after checking out two sites which are very helpful for expats here in Roma http://www.wantedinrome.com/  &  http://www.romereview.com/   i discovered another cinema! (If your an expat in Roma check out these websites for cinemas near you to that play movies in English! always a fun night out).

And this cinema was within walking distance from me!!! shock shock why had i never heard of this cinema before in my area?? It was only a 25 minute walk! no transport/public transport involved! Apparently its a chain of Cinema’s with a nice website and as you can see the page opens on the English language movies section first!  http://www.cinemadiroma.com/

A few Italian friends had suggested going to watch ‘The Blues Brothers’ which was being played on the big screen there in Italian and so we all went along to watch it and i really enjoyed it!

So i was excited to drag Alex along another week to checkout a film in English as well! our first movie there being ‘The Amazing Spiderman’ and i have to say we loved our new cinema!!

We could see by the big crowd it was popular and could hear the English being spoken in the crowd so popular with other expats! It is a shiny new place with a big selection of drinks and snacks you can buy and eat while watching your movie.

Its just off one of the main shopping streets in my area to so you could easily have dinner out before going inside or stop at a bar for a drinks with friends.

We dont go very often as theres not very many movies we want to see nowadays but we have some coming up! Like Ironman 3, Superman, RIPD, and a few others which looks good over the summer!

The only thing which is a bit annoying is that the movies are only played for 1 week before something else is played the cinema we go to plays them from monday to sunday. So if you really want to see them you have to go that week or you will miss out on seeing the film you want.

LadyBirds Playgroup in Roma

I wanted to do a post about the Ladybirds Playgroup which is here in Roma. I have been hearing and seeing alot about it lately as they always seem to be holding little events! 🙂

Ladybirds playgroup is an english speaking playgroup for children from 0 to 4 years old. They are a non-profit community run by volunteers which i think it a lovely thing and they meet 3 times a week Mondays, wednesdays and fridays!

So far they have arranged the first ‘Baby Flash Mob’ in central Roma in Piazza del Popolo in March where parents were asked and incouraged to come along and sing childrens songs in English with there little ones which was filmed.

There is also a jumble sale scheduled for the 28th April in Villa Ada where children & parents will be selling second hand items, clothes, toys etc (which i would like to go to as thats not far from me)

And today i have just read they are holding a playgroup on 19th April in Villa Borghese at Pincio! from 10am to 12 noon which will cost only 5 euros to attend & the children will do crafts, activites and singing. 🙂 Which sounds like a lovely day out for anyone with kids in Roma.
I think this kind of thing is such a good idea! and is an excellent way of getting your small children to mingle with other children and even make friends. All the activites sound like alot of fun and things to keep them occupied and happy!

I have decided to keep on there mailing list/blog as this can come in handy one day soon 😉 And its something personally i might like to get involved in especially as its all volunteers.

We do want our baby to be bilingual and have already decided that i will speak to her in English and Alex in Italian when she arrives in September. But i also think it will do her good to mingling with other children as she grows.






April check up done :)

So we had another Dr’s appointment today just a checkup we have once a month so we can ask questions and she can go over the tests results/scan results from last time.

Also its to track my weight during pregnancy to make sure im on target 🙂 so very normal to have a once a month appointment here. Im 65kgs which is apparently perfect for where i am YAY! Even though Alex was convinced i was to heavy which im not 😛 She also did the check to make sure everything was ok inside and everything is.

She reminded me now i would be a bit more hungry but you dont eat for two you just add 300 more calories to your normal eating habits and should carry on eating healthy. She even said my Italian was getting better!

We asked her about my tiredness and she said yes this can be very normal and the best thing i can do it rest and not over do things.

So the appointment went really well shes very happy with the pregnancy at this stage and everything is going normal. She wants me to get more blood tests done theres 21 tests to be done which is normal at 5 months. So alot of them are the same as at the begining of the pregnancy checking iron levels, protein, urine etc etc just to make sure things are still normal. Apparently you have to do them at the end of pregnancy as well.

She gave us a cute little calender thing as well which shows you what happens every month and you can work out when your due and when things need to be done! 🙂 DSC00822

Im really happy with my Gyo and the Clinic we have gone to from day 1 🙂 Like i said before in other blogs she is really nice makes you feel welcome and will sit with you for ages talking.  Its a clinic just for women here in Roma and most of the Dr’s there are women to. All Italian but some do speak english as well. They are all very friendly and will sit for ages replying to your questions etc. They also give good advice about the choices of hospitals for labour and which one to go for here in Roma.

They also do the scans there and take there time and are relaxed they dont try to rush you and they let you see your baby moving about for as long as you like. Last year when i was pregnant here before we went somewhere else for scans and it wasnt nice they didnt answer all your questions everything was rush. And apparently the way they did the scans were bad according to the gyno.

They didnt have all the info she wanted on the documents etc. And even after when i lost it and had to have scans of my womb to see how i was feeling again the scans came out bad with not enough info. So im happy that we can do all that now at the women’s clinic 🙂

Also Alex has a health plan with his work and we are getting some money back on alot of the tests/scans we have done YAY! So thats a good bonus 😉

Alex felt the baby move monday night she was kicking alot so i grabbed his hand and he felt the little twitching against my belly! He was excited and said it was a bit scary to 🙂
Im also invited to a babyshower in June which is exciting as i have never been to one before! 🙂 lots of lovely friends, a BBQ, lots of fun i cant wait! Nice to see how one is done finally 😉
 I would love to have a babyshower to at some point and a friend has mentioned it to me so im looking forwards to that as well for my little peanut! 😀
In other news i was shocked to see what had happened at the Boston Marathon on monday! I just couldnt believe it! And being a runner myself i could imagine the exhaustion and excitment of the runners there reaching the finishline to have something so horrible happen.Then the fear for their family members who had been waiting for them at the finishline not knowing if they were ok, injured or dead…
I cannot understand why someone would target such an event?! Its just senseless violence and so many innocent people died and had there lives changed forever. All it does is build more fear & hate instead of building bridges and love for one another.
I had alot of twitter runner friends talking about it and a few of them had gone or were supposed to go. Luckily none of them were hurt & those who hadnt gone were in a state of shock. All the runners i know were saddened and outraged over it.
Its hard not to feel connected to the shock of this when you are a runner to part of the Worldwide running community! And my heart goes out to those who were hurt, died and there family members.

19 weeks today :) (almost half way)

I just felt like reflecting in this blog about things that are happening now & things i have learn from pregnancy so far.        mango

Im 19 weeks pregnant today (4 months & 3weeks) so almost at the 5 months point which is half way!

Well they say its half way but its actually over it as my little peanut is due begining of September if she doesnt decide to come a week or 2 early! (Pregnancy is actually counted as 10 months as they count the date from the begining of your last period)

So Baby is the size of a Mango at the moment hence the pic of one 😉


So its a very exciting time right now 🙂 even more so now i can feel my little peanut  starting to move with a few light flutters of movement begining of this week but now its becoming more and more. 🙂

She has 3 pieces of classical music she really likes and moves alot to when i play them for her Asturias by Albeniz is her favorite followed by Cello Suite 1 by Bach & The Flower Duet by Delibes.

Its gone from a fluttering feeling to almost feeling like i have a goldfish wriggling around inside me sometimes lol The first time it happened was a bit of a shock now its just exciting 🙂 I talk to her more when i can feel her moving about as i know she can hear me now 🙂
It was kinda weird when we had the very first scan done to think this tiny alien like creature was alive and growing inside me! And sometimes it didnt feel real! But the more she grows and the more my belly grows the more real it becomes. 🙂
I am having my ups and downs in pregnancy with the hormones and emotions which are very normal but im glad i am experiencing all of this.
I do miss my running sometimes and blogging about races i was doing here in Roma & other countries i visited. So im glad i can blog about being pregnant here in Roma as an Expat 🙂
There’s not to many ladies blogging about being a pregnant expat in Italy so im happy to join the few that have blogged.
I really like blogging and i didnt want to stop or start blogging about random stuff that is boring or has nothing to do with being an expat or things in Roma. Anyway im also in contact with another Expat friend in Italy who miscarried like me last year and now shes pregnant again to! 😀
We talked alot about our losses last year and kept in touch and talked when we were both trying again. She’s 5 weeks behind me in her pregnancy and so so happy! We keep comparing symptoms and talking about the scans/blood tests, Italian doctors and how are bodies are changing! Its great to have other Mom’s to talk to and someone who’s going through the same things as me 🙂 Its a nice way to support eachother.
Im in a really good place right now and im happy. I married the love of my life my Italian Alex last year and we did have sorrow at a loss but this year is turning out to be a really good year and as i said we are both really happy.
I know sometimes you can read about other peoples lives like celebrites or other expats and sometimes wish you had what they had. But at the end of the day you have to be happy with your own life and make the best of it.
Im at the point in my life i wouldnt change a thing, i dont daydream about being someone else or being somewhere else and thats the point i think everyone has to reach to be happy.
I know life will change once the baby comes things will be different, changes in our life will be made but i think once we settle into a pattern again everything will be ok. I know at the begining its going to be hard and a stress on both of us but i also know we will work togeather to get through it 🙂
Its a big responsibility becoming parents and from what i have heard and read it can be even more of a struggle as an expat living in a different country like Italy. Cultural differences, language barriers, things you have never heard of or thought of dealing with Italian nuseries and schools and the way things are handled there!
I also wont have the support of family members as mine live in the UK or Alex’s as his parents are dead , he doesnt have any brothers or sisters and the rest of his family live 7 hours away in the mountains.
So it is just going to be me and Alex  with the help of some friends 🙂 who will become Uncles and Aunties in a way to our little peanut.
Its weird how the time seems to be flying by! the first 3 months went really slow as that for me was the worst time as its the most high risk time you can have a lose but once i hit the 2nd trimester its gone really fast!
Begining of September suddenly doesnt look so far away! And thinking about it its not really!
Advice i would give right now to someone who just found out there pregnant? Your probably going to crave carbs the first 3 months i know i did and so did alot of other ladies i know which is normal. So eat the carbs but dont go to crazy you need to give your body & the baby what it needs to grow and form. And you may go from craving things to not being able to stand the sight of other foods!
Thats if you havent got morning sickness really bad where you cant keep anything down at all! Luckily i escaped this which i thank my lucky stars for because it sounds awful and i know can cause alot of misery for the new Mum to be!
But remember to fit in veggies and fruit which are also very important as you can get very constipated when you pregnant as your digestion system slows down and this can cause problems. You may not fancy them but try to fit in one piece of fruit a day its important and believe me you will thank me later for it! lol.
And dont believe your book when it says the 2nd Trimester you will get your energy back! Its a lie!! Im still just as tired as before still needing naps in the day & knackered by bed time. And apparently from talking to others this is very common, they all felt really tired & had no energy the whole pregnancy. All had low iron but the iron tablets and stuff they were given to boost there iron intake didnt help. So prepared to be tired alot!
Last piece of advice talk to your partner! Once you get pregnant you are hit with the hormones which will make you grumpy, tired, over emotional and snappy and he wont have a clue what you are thinking.
Luckily for me Alex had a long chat to the Dr about this and he was told to ignore it lol that i would be back to my sweet normal self after the baby is born! lol
Also if i get snappy or angry with him now for no reason i will sit and think about it for a moment and realise its not the normal me. So i will apologize and he just smiles hugs me and tells me its ok he knows i dont really mean it 🙂

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