Day 4 Yoga Challenge

I know im not doing the Yoga challenge in a hundred day’s straight but bank holidays and weekends are not good for me as thats time i spend with Alex. And i dont like giving up that time we share and spend togeather and nor does he 🙂


So even though i am still going to do a hundred days of yoga but maybe not every day but only count the days i do do the yoga so i will still reach 100 days!

So as i slacked for 5 days on my yoga i decided to try a longer workout today 🙂 I did a 28 min prenatal yoga workout. Again it was very slow and relaxing mostly on the floor or hands & knees. Im really starting to get into these yoga workouts and enjoying them alot! 🙂

The last 5 days off over Easter i still exercises as we went out for long walks everyday which was really nice and i enjoyed them alot! Im still quite focused on staying fit while pregnant even if its just walks and the yoga! Its better than nothing 🙂

Also surpisingly we ate really healthy over Easter! we did have chocolate but only a little and not tons and we were both happy not to have a huge Easter feast like other Italian families have and what we normally have if we are with friends over that time.

So i have been donning a new pair of yellow plastic gloves to cut up raw veggies & meat as im not allowed to touch raw foods while pregnant. We both feel a lot better and healthier going back to the healthy eating. Even though the first trimester we ate badly and i wanted carbs almost all the time which is a very normal during the first 3 months 😉

I also noticed my belly has started to look more pregant and some tops are getting uncomfortable to wear so i have pulled out my maternity tops and started wearing them 🙂 Alex noticed and asked me where my belly had suddenly come from! heehee! He also has started talking to my belly since last thursday’s scan and he likes touching it alot now to 🙂


He even rubbed my belly when we were out talking to someone we knew who didnt know we were pregnant and proudly announced we were!

We have been talking alot about the baby, september and the future and we are both excited and happy about whats to come even though it can be scary sometimes.

Someone on Facebook also posted about the ‘Ladybird’ playgroup here in Roma. Its an English speaking run playgroup and they sometimes hold childrens events.

They are holding the first ever ‘Baby flash mob’ next weekend here in Roma! So if you have a little one between 0-4 yrs be sure to take them along! They will be singing children’s nursery songs and videoing  the event! All the details are on there link below  😉


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