Roma Moms 4 Moms Expat group!

So some weeks ago i joined the facebook Group Firenze Moms4moms which is an expat Mum’s Group in Florence. There used to be an Expat Mum’s Group in Roma called Roma Mamma’s but they shut down a few years ago which was sad. It was a nice site and i sometimes found my babysitting work on there.

Anyway it was nice to join a Group of Mum’s/expecting Mum’s and talk about things i wanted to know or read the interesting events and articles they have. Being Expat Mum’s in Italy they have alot of insight and info if your not sure about things and Always happy to give advice!

Anyway after about a week the Founder of the Group approached me on facebook and asked if i would be interested in being an Admin for a sister Group she wanted to start for Roma! I was so excited and overwhelmed to be asked and of course agreed!

So after a few weeks she set up the blog site and facebook Group for Roma Moms 4 Moms (RMs4Ms).

So today i got to work posting some articles about events for kids/babies in Roma and generally getting some info of things round Roma for English speaking parents.

Once the site/Group takes off i can start posting events and organising meet-up for the Mum’s 🙂 I have a few of my Expat Mum friends who have volunteered to be Admin’s on the site and help with events! Also keeping an eye out for any articles or events in Roma we can put on the site.

Also i plan to have featured blog posts by different Mothers in Roma.

So fingerscrossed it takes of like the Florence one which has been flourishing for year now 🙂 The old Roma Mothers Group was very popular so i dont see why this one wont be either!



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