Day 5 Yoga Challenge

Yesterday i missed my Yoga as i was out to lunch with one of my friends Elizabeth she’s moving to Barcelona for 3 months on the weekend and we wanted to catch up before she left. We sat in a cake shop having little cakes and chatted for ages about everything. It was alot of fun & very relaxing im really going to miss her! But she said she will be back! YAY!

And we will keep in contact on facebook. She also bought me my first baby gift which was the cutest little baby outfit from the shop Prenatal! Its White and green and has little animals on the front! And i LOVE IT! 😀

By the time i got home i was exhausted and had a long nap so by the time i woke up i had no time for yoga!

So today i was staying home so had time to do it. I am still feeling exhausted today as i didnt sleep well last night as im trying to sleep on my sides now. I have read its better to sleep on your sides from the 2nd trimester as if you sleep on your left side more nutrients & blood flow gets to the baby.

Apparently its not so good to sleep on your back later on in pregnancy as it can restict blood flow to your organs and the baby when you have a big belly.

So i have been trying a technique in my pregnancy book which suggests sleep with a pillow between your legs so you cannot roll onto your back. So last night i slept with the pillow which was comfortable but i kept waking up as im not used to it. So it might take a while until i can sleep better with this techinque.                              prenatal_yoga_louisville_sm

Anyway so day 5 of my yoga challenge this morning and i decided to do one of the 10 min workouts i did last week! The one sitting and mostly on hands and knees. As i felt i needed something really relaxing today as im really tired. The meditation at the begining was really relaxing i felt really sleepy lol! Luckily the moves after were slow and easy to complete!

Also last week I took my belly button ring out the day before the 17 weeks scan as i can see a baby bump now and read from 19-20 weeks your belly button can start to stick out!

So i realised it was time to remove it! I did have a moment of panic when the little ball that keep the belly button bar in wouldnt twist and seemed stuck! But after using some plastic gloves it soon twisted off 🙂 I have decided not to use a maternity bar as i have read that the hole can stay open and still be useable after birth. So i will see if im lucky and if it doesnt heal over if not then i have had my belly button pierced for 13 years so its not a big deal if i cant put it back in 🙂

I have been living in the same pair of jogging bottoms for the last few weeks when i go out as they are the only things i have that are comfortable right now. So i had decided to look at maternity trousers in the shop Prenatal. But an Italian friend who lives in Holland has offered me some old maternity clothes! including trousers/leggins! So i said yes please and shes sending them over next weekend as her Mother who lives in Roma is visiting her and will bring them back.

Im really happy about this as i would rather wear second hand stuff for the 5 months i will need them then fork out money for brand new stuff at 30-40 euros a piece each here in Roma!


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