19 weeks today :) (almost half way)

I just felt like reflecting in this blog about things that are happening now & things i have learn from pregnancy so far.        mango

Im 19 weeks pregnant today (4 months & 3weeks) so almost at the 5 months point which is half way!

Well they say its half way but its actually over it as my little peanut is due begining of September if she doesnt decide to come a week or 2 early! (Pregnancy is actually counted as 10 months as they count the date from the begining of your last period)

So Baby is the size of a Mango at the moment hence the pic of one 😉


So its a very exciting time right now 🙂 even more so now i can feel my little peanut  starting to move with a few light flutters of movement begining of this week but now its becoming more and more. 🙂

She has 3 pieces of classical music she really likes and moves alot to when i play them for her Asturias by Albeniz is her favorite followed by Cello Suite 1 by Bach & The Flower Duet by Delibes.

Its gone from a fluttering feeling to almost feeling like i have a goldfish wriggling around inside me sometimes lol The first time it happened was a bit of a shock now its just exciting 🙂 I talk to her more when i can feel her moving about as i know she can hear me now 🙂
It was kinda weird when we had the very first scan done to think this tiny alien like creature was alive and growing inside me! And sometimes it didnt feel real! But the more she grows and the more my belly grows the more real it becomes. 🙂
I am having my ups and downs in pregnancy with the hormones and emotions which are very normal but im glad i am experiencing all of this.
I do miss my running sometimes and blogging about races i was doing here in Roma & other countries i visited. So im glad i can blog about being pregnant here in Roma as an Expat 🙂
There’s not to many ladies blogging about being a pregnant expat in Italy so im happy to join the few that have blogged.
I really like blogging and i didnt want to stop or start blogging about random stuff that is boring or has nothing to do with being an expat or things in Roma. Anyway im also in contact with another Expat friend in Italy who miscarried like me last year and now shes pregnant again to! 😀
We talked alot about our losses last year and kept in touch and talked when we were both trying again. She’s 5 weeks behind me in her pregnancy and so so happy! We keep comparing symptoms and talking about the scans/blood tests, Italian doctors and how are bodies are changing! Its great to have other Mom’s to talk to and someone who’s going through the same things as me 🙂 Its a nice way to support eachother.
Im in a really good place right now and im happy. I married the love of my life my Italian Alex last year and we did have sorrow at a loss but this year is turning out to be a really good year and as i said we are both really happy.
I know sometimes you can read about other peoples lives like celebrites or other expats and sometimes wish you had what they had. But at the end of the day you have to be happy with your own life and make the best of it.
Im at the point in my life i wouldnt change a thing, i dont daydream about being someone else or being somewhere else and thats the point i think everyone has to reach to be happy.
I know life will change once the baby comes things will be different, changes in our life will be made but i think once we settle into a pattern again everything will be ok. I know at the begining its going to be hard and a stress on both of us but i also know we will work togeather to get through it 🙂
Its a big responsibility becoming parents and from what i have heard and read it can be even more of a struggle as an expat living in a different country like Italy. Cultural differences, language barriers, things you have never heard of or thought of dealing with Italian nuseries and schools and the way things are handled there!
I also wont have the support of family members as mine live in the UK or Alex’s as his parents are dead , he doesnt have any brothers or sisters and the rest of his family live 7 hours away in the mountains.
So it is just going to be me and Alex  with the help of some friends 🙂 who will become Uncles and Aunties in a way to our little peanut.
Its weird how the time seems to be flying by! the first 3 months went really slow as that for me was the worst time as its the most high risk time you can have a lose but once i hit the 2nd trimester its gone really fast!
Begining of September suddenly doesnt look so far away! And thinking about it its not really!
Advice i would give right now to someone who just found out there pregnant? Your probably going to crave carbs the first 3 months i know i did and so did alot of other ladies i know which is normal. So eat the carbs but dont go to crazy you need to give your body & the baby what it needs to grow and form. And you may go from craving things to not being able to stand the sight of other foods!
Thats if you havent got morning sickness really bad where you cant keep anything down at all! Luckily i escaped this which i thank my lucky stars for because it sounds awful and i know can cause alot of misery for the new Mum to be!
But remember to fit in veggies and fruit which are also very important as you can get very constipated when you pregnant as your digestion system slows down and this can cause problems. You may not fancy them but try to fit in one piece of fruit a day its important and believe me you will thank me later for it! lol.
And dont believe your book when it says the 2nd Trimester you will get your energy back! Its a lie!! Im still just as tired as before still needing naps in the day & knackered by bed time. And apparently from talking to others this is very common, they all felt really tired & had no energy the whole pregnancy. All had low iron but the iron tablets and stuff they were given to boost there iron intake didnt help. So prepared to be tired alot!
Last piece of advice talk to your partner! Once you get pregnant you are hit with the hormones which will make you grumpy, tired, over emotional and snappy and he wont have a clue what you are thinking.
Luckily for me Alex had a long chat to the Dr about this and he was told to ignore it lol that i would be back to my sweet normal self after the baby is born! lol
Also if i get snappy or angry with him now for no reason i will sit and think about it for a moment and realise its not the normal me. So i will apologize and he just smiles hugs me and tells me its ok he knows i dont really mean it 🙂

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