April check up done :)

So we had another Dr’s appointment today just a checkup we have once a month so we can ask questions and she can go over the tests results/scan results from last time.

Also its to track my weight during pregnancy to make sure im on target 🙂 so very normal to have a once a month appointment here. Im 65kgs which is apparently perfect for where i am YAY! Even though Alex was convinced i was to heavy which im not 😛 She also did the check to make sure everything was ok inside and everything is.

She reminded me now i would be a bit more hungry but you dont eat for two you just add 300 more calories to your normal eating habits and should carry on eating healthy. She even said my Italian was getting better!

We asked her about my tiredness and she said yes this can be very normal and the best thing i can do it rest and not over do things.

So the appointment went really well shes very happy with the pregnancy at this stage and everything is going normal. She wants me to get more blood tests done theres 21 tests to be done which is normal at 5 months. So alot of them are the same as at the begining of the pregnancy checking iron levels, protein, urine etc etc just to make sure things are still normal. Apparently you have to do them at the end of pregnancy as well.

She gave us a cute little calender thing as well which shows you what happens every month and you can work out when your due and when things need to be done! 🙂 DSC00822

Im really happy with my Gyo and the Clinic we have gone to from day 1 🙂 Like i said before in other blogs she is really nice makes you feel welcome and will sit with you for ages talking.  Its a clinic just for women here in Roma and most of the Dr’s there are women to. All Italian but some do speak english as well. They are all very friendly and will sit for ages replying to your questions etc. They also give good advice about the choices of hospitals for labour and which one to go for here in Roma.

They also do the scans there and take there time and are relaxed they dont try to rush you and they let you see your baby moving about for as long as you like. Last year when i was pregnant here before we went somewhere else for scans and it wasnt nice they didnt answer all your questions everything was rush. And apparently the way they did the scans were bad according to the gyno.

They didnt have all the info she wanted on the documents etc. And even after when i lost it and had to have scans of my womb to see how i was feeling again the scans came out bad with not enough info. So im happy that we can do all that now at the women’s clinic 🙂

Also Alex has a health plan with his work and we are getting some money back on alot of the tests/scans we have done YAY! So thats a good bonus 😉

Alex felt the baby move monday night she was kicking alot so i grabbed his hand and he felt the little twitching against my belly! He was excited and said it was a bit scary to 🙂
Im also invited to a babyshower in June which is exciting as i have never been to one before! 🙂 lots of lovely friends, a BBQ, lots of fun i cant wait! Nice to see how one is done finally 😉
 I would love to have a babyshower to at some point and a friend has mentioned it to me so im looking forwards to that as well for my little peanut! 😀
In other news i was shocked to see what had happened at the Boston Marathon on monday! I just couldnt believe it! And being a runner myself i could imagine the exhaustion and excitment of the runners there reaching the finishline to have something so horrible happen.Then the fear for their family members who had been waiting for them at the finishline not knowing if they were ok, injured or dead…
I cannot understand why someone would target such an event?! Its just senseless violence and so many innocent people died and had there lives changed forever. All it does is build more fear & hate instead of building bridges and love for one another.
I had alot of twitter runner friends talking about it and a few of them had gone or were supposed to go. Luckily none of them were hurt & those who hadnt gone were in a state of shock. All the runners i know were saddened and outraged over it.
Its hard not to feel connected to the shock of this when you are a runner to part of the Worldwide running community! And my heart goes out to those who were hurt, died and there family members.

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