English Language films/Cinema’s in Roma

I know i have mentioned this before but not sure i have done a whole post on it so thats what i have decided to do today.

Cinema’s that play movies in the orgininal English language do exist for expats who love there movie nights out at the cinema! And yes i am one of them! I used to love going out sometimes once a week when i lived in London with friends to watch a new movie at the nearest cinema.

So when i first moved to Roma all those years ago i was worried that was something i would have to give up and for some years i did. Until i found a cinema near Piazza del Popolo playing films on certains days & times in English and suddenly i had the excitment of going to the cinema once more!

Alex took me to that cinema 2-3 times to watch different films and i even once went with a girl i used to teach english to to watch a Harry Potter film! But alas that cinema closed down and i have no idea why!

It was in a popular spot for tourists, a busy area and always busy with a long cue to get in. So when it closed down i was very confused and sad that the one place i had found had gone and going to the cinema to watch films in English was once again gone from my life!

Then 2 year ago after checking out two sites which are very helpful for expats here in Roma http://www.wantedinrome.com/  &  http://www.romereview.com/   i discovered another cinema! (If your an expat in Roma check out these websites for cinemas near you to that play movies in English! always a fun night out).

And this cinema was within walking distance from me!!! shock shock why had i never heard of this cinema before in my area?? It was only a 25 minute walk! no transport/public transport involved! Apparently its a chain of Cinema’s with a nice website and as you can see the page opens on the English language movies section first!  http://www.cinemadiroma.com/

A few Italian friends had suggested going to watch ‘The Blues Brothers’ which was being played on the big screen there in Italian and so we all went along to watch it and i really enjoyed it!

So i was excited to drag Alex along another week to checkout a film in English as well! our first movie there being ‘The Amazing Spiderman’ and i have to say we loved our new cinema!!

We could see by the big crowd it was popular and could hear the English being spoken in the crowd so popular with other expats! It is a shiny new place with a big selection of drinks and snacks you can buy and eat while watching your movie.

Its just off one of the main shopping streets in my area to so you could easily have dinner out before going inside or stop at a bar for a drinks with friends.

We dont go very often as theres not very many movies we want to see nowadays but we have some coming up! Like Ironman 3, Superman, RIPD, and a few others which looks good over the summer!

The only thing which is a bit annoying is that the movies are only played for 1 week before something else is played the cinema we go to plays them from monday to sunday. So if you really want to see them you have to go that week or you will miss out on seeing the film you want.


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