Giant baby born in Milan!

This morning i read about an Egyptian woman in Milan giving birth to a 6.3kg baby!! It took seven Doctors to help her through labour and birth! I cannot believe what i was reading and even watched the video footage they have of the baby and its huge! I have never seen a newborn baby so big in my life! Reading on it appears her other 2 children weighed 5kgs each when born to so shes used to big babies.

Unfortunately it wasnt a world record as a baby in American was born weighing 7kgs!

I cannot imagine giving birth to a big baby like that! What if you were a really small woman? It was more than likely a c-section as im not sure a 6.3kg baby would come out the normal way for child birth surely!?!

How big was her belly carrying such a mighty child? Her back must have been Killing her with all that extra weight?

All these questions buzzed around my head as i watched the footage and read the article.

Im already worried peanut will inherit her Daddy’s big head lol and im hoping shes a normal size baby. Im not to worried as all the babies born in my family have been small. Even in Alex’s family the women seem to be quite small and the men really tall.

So in a way im kinda glad im having a girl and not a boy in that sense as a baby boy would probably be bigger. But then you never know peanut might be big! (hopefully not)

Im 20 weeks now so 5 months half way there yay! Peanut has been kicking away happily alot and im happy to feel her even at night 🙂 Sometimes she wakes me up lol

I have had some more pulling, stretching aches in my belly which is normal for around this time as the baby will start to grow faster now 🙂 And boob aches to as they are again doing some growing and preparing!

Alex started reading ‘The Hobbit’ in Italian to Peanut all over the weekend 🙂 he lay right near my belly and began reading and she moved to the side he was talking & started kicking away. She kicked all the time he was talking then stopped when he stopped reading. I really think she likes the sound of his voice and Alex is already in love with her even though shes not properly here yet!



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