Events for Kids in Roma

I Always like to plan ahead and being part of the Rome Moms4Moms Group now im Always on the look out for events/activites for kids in Roma!
So i have found some interesting events for parents with kids here in Roma. And websites i have book marked which might come in handy over the next few years! 😉
First is ‘Garage Sale Kids’ which is a 2nd hand kids market which sells 2nd hand toys, clothes etc. The kids actually sell there stuff with the help of there parents so its like a carboot sale but everything for little ones
The sale is held at ‘parco Regionale dell’ Appia Antica’ on sunday the 6th May. So a good  day out for parents with there kids or parents wanting to sell old kids clothes, toys & equipment.
They seem to hold them every so often and advertise them on there facebook page so its Always good to keep an eye out when the next one will be held.
The next website was posted on the Rome Moms4moms facebook page by my friend Cami 🙂
Its a scuba yearly show for adults but with childrens activities over 3 days which was last weekend. Apparently there is a large picnic area and the children will learn about the sea through games, activities and drawings.
Also from April until July Bioparco the local zoo in Roma will be holding a Butterflies & Co exhibition! Where you can walk through an 80sqm heated greenhouse which will hold the butterflies and other creatures such as stick insects, grasshoppers & other insects.
They also recently had a baby camel born at the the zoo so also something nice to see when having a trip to Roma 🙂
There’s the 10th Edition of the Bertani Dai which is a Street festival for kids in Trastevere, along the Via Agostino Bertani in Roma.
Illustrators, painters, sculptors, Writers, photographers, filmmakers, Actors,  acrobats will fill the streets for this event on the 26th May.
Also a race i really wanted to do this May was the Race for the Cure through Roma. But of course being pregnant now i cannot run it! (theres Always next year).
5km competitive and 2km non competitive race on May 19th at Circo Massimo
They will also have fun activities for children such as cooking classes and much more so again another family day out if you run or not.
I have also found a Mum and child’s swimming course/lessons at Olympic Stadium Swimming pool, Foro italico. Its 2 days a week for 4 months!
There are various kids puppet shows in Villa Borghese from 25th April until 16th June.
Theres an informal baby singing session Group as well which sounds nice!
Children’s cinema in Villa Borghese! The cinema organises film screenings for children, educational workshops, an annual children’s film festival and other initiatives including private parties.
And then of course there are other attractions and theme parks in Roma such as: – A Theme park devoted entirely to the world of fantasy and the imagination. – Theme park for kids. – water theme park – Another Water theme park – Water Park.
So with just a bit of searching you can find alot of activities, Group & lessons to have fun with your children here in Roma!
Im sure at some point over the summer i will post again with some other activites i will find for kids & adults 😉
All these links i think will come in handy in the future and also for other expat Mothers i have been sharing them with on the Rome Moms4moms facebook/blog Group!

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