We have to do what now?! (visiting Hospitals in Roma)

So my friend Jess innocently asked me if we had picked a hospital to give Birth in yet. I told her the Dr had recommended a couple and we would choose where to go when the time came.

She seemed shocked by this and i didnt understand why!? Wasn’t that what we were supposed to do? thats what happened in movies & on tv you just turned up on D day and give Birth right?     confused_baby-higgs-boson-lol

Apparently not i am then told! We should go look at the hospitals see what they have to offer and see if we like them. Also maybe book a private room etc if we want one for the big day. And also find out what we are supposed to bring on the day!

If we just turned up on the day without doing this we could just be fit in when they have space and not treated so well!

So this was suddenly alot to think about suddenly! and now being 21 weeks along (5 month 1 week) i realised we didnt have time to hang around and put these kinda things off!
Jess then mentioned i should have a look on some of the expats sites forums to see if there were any threads about giving Birth here in Italy! To see if any places were recommended etc although i didnt see any for Roma ones.

I kinda knew they werent all going to be warm and fuzzy experiences i would be reading but i was SHOCKED at all the negative posts! I only managed it to page 3 of the comments before i started to have a panic attack!

I felt sick and suddenly didnt want to give Birth! Or at least not in one of the hopsitals talked about!

Showing my friend the link she had to agree with me on this and perhaps it was only the people with negative experiences who had posted.

So i decided to ask some of the Mum’s on the Rome Moms4Moms facebook Group their experiences and recomendations. And also some twitter friends who live in and around Roma.

The feed back was really good! All positive stories and places to go recommended! Thank god i asked them it made me feel alot better about it all.

Another friend Becca mentioned anyone who wanted to be present at the Birth of her girls had to be tested for Salmonella so they could be in the birthing room and the test takes 3 weeks for results! So that was suddenly another question! eek

And i realise now the dangers of reading stuff off expat forum sites! Yes sometimes there is good advice like where to eat or visit but sometimes people just like to post the negative stuff to freak others out. Its Always best to ask people you know rather than a nameless stranger on a forum who might just enjoy upsetting others.

So at least now im feeling a bit more relaxed about it but holy crap the time is passing fast now and we really need to sort these things out!

So i made a list of things to talk to Alex about that evening:

1) OMFG find a hospital NOW!
2) prenatal class would be nice i might need that funny breathing.
3) Class to prepare us for the horrors…opps sorry i mean joys of dealing with a newborn!

4) Will you get tested for Salmonella (im not freaking doing this alone!)


We ended up discussing this all this morning….well when i say dicussed i mean ideas and questions were bounced around! And then we came to the conclusion its better to ask the Dr/Gyno when we see her thursday and see what she says.

Alex thinks we have plenty of time and i should be calm! seriously? just over 4 months can go pretty quickly! And if Peanut decideds to come way early i would rather know where we are going then have a panic filled joy ride to any hospital within speeding distance to!     car-humor-funny-joke-busted-speeding

Ok i do realise i might be over thinking this a bit to much but it is our first time having a baby, giving Birth etc so im allowed to be a little bit worried right?

Maybe a little to much maybe when you ask your husband ‘if hes giving Birth now?’ instead of ‘are you getting dressed now?’ and not realise what you just said LMAO!! (true story just did it lol)




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