Food Review! – Ladies night dinner – Berimbau restaurant Roma

So friday night was Ladies night wooohoo! And the chosen place was Berimbau restaurant in Prati which is a Brazilian place 😛 It was Cami’s birthday and she had chosen the restaurant as she really wanted us all to try her countries cooking!

We had a new person attending that evening my friend Yasmin so there were 6 ladies all togeather!

I arrived 20 minutes late but all the ladies were already there! The outside of the place looked nice, was easy to find as well and Becca helped me down the stairs to the place where we were all sitting.

Everyone liked the atmosphere of the place and Cami was very excited that it seemed to be a real Brazilian place and not somewhere claiming to do brazilian food. Even some of the waiters were Brazilian and she had fun chatting away to them!

So we started of with ordering drinks then Cami took us to the buffet area which we started off with and explained to us what was in each dish. There was alot of mixed salad stuff, butterbeans with cooked veggies, white rice and meat in different sauces. Everything smelled good! and it was a shame to be limited to certain stuff in my current state! (i really wanted the salad stuff grrr)         DSC00868

Everything tasted amazing and was sooooooooo good!! You could go back to the buffet area at anytime during the meal if you wanted which was good for the vegetarian’s in our group.

After this some fried stuff was bought out, chips, onion rings and a few other assorted fried things which we all tried quite happily and everyone loved!           DSC00870

Next cooked meat was bought out on a metal spits and they cut it infront of us as much as you wanted as it was freshly cooked and very hot. And so the begining of all the meat started this way! Lots of different meats! beef, chicken, pork, turkey, etc cooked and hot, carved right infront of you to add to your plate.

We couldnt believe the amount of meat which was appearing and you can fill up pretty quickly if you dont pace yourself! The service was friendly and quick and the waiters even joked around with us a little which was funny.


Everyone was pretty full by the time the meat had been served but we were all still up for the hot pineapple in cinnamon! Yes thats right i said hot pineapple! It was served the same way as the meat and cut straight onto your plate infront of you! And believe me it was amazing!


Last but not least we were asked if we wanted the other dessert which were different types of mousses. Alot of us tried the coconut one but Cami tried the passionfruit and said it was really good!

By then it was pretty late and we were all very happy with the food, experience of Brazilian cooking & evening. Cami had enjoyed herself and loved all her birthday presents she had recieved!

If your a meat-eater your going to love this place! yes its a bit pricey and you pay extra for the drinks and the mousse dessert if you want them but its really worth the money and an evening out even if you try it just once.

It was a set menu for 36 euros each person and you were bought ALOT of food! Brazilian cooking  uses alot of meat so i was worried about the two veggie eaters in our group.

But i had no need to worry! In the end there was plenty of food for everyone meat eaters and veggies alike plus the veggies got to pay less as they didnt eat any meat! 🙂 I ended up paying 47 euros as i had 2 drinks plus the mousse dessert which as i said was extra.

I would eat here again in a heart-beat! And im pretty sure Alex would also love it here as he likes Brazilian food so maybe we will come for a birthday or special occasion in the future!                            DSC00883


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