Blood test / fainting

So this morning we went to the clinic within walking distance from us to get my next lot of blood tests done. These are the half way through pregnancy tests so for protein levels, sugar, checking to see if im still not immune to some thing etc. So alot of tests i had done at the begining of pregnancy just repeated….25 tests in all so alot of blood.

We got in and didnt have to wait long and found a new Doctor was taking the blood today. This did make me a little nervous as i like the Doctor we usually have as hes very gently and you dont really feel a thing.

The new Doctor was young and friendly and i turned away as he got the needle, it did hurt more than the times before but was bearable. It lasted longer as well as he was taking alot of blood for all the tests.

After he finished i felt fine and turned back to watch him fill the viles infront of me then he threw away the blood which wasnt needed which i always think is a waste! He told us to go have breakfast and return in 1 hours 30minutes so he could test my blood again for my sugar levels.

So we headed just outside the place when suddenly i felt a bit light headed and boom i thought i was going to pass out! Everything suddenly sounded like i was underwater, i felt like i was about to be sick and i got tunnel vision! I managed to sit down quickly on a little wall and tried hard not to black out!        fainting

Alex was talking to me but i couldnt focus on alot of what he was saying but he made me look at him and i told him what was happening. He managed to pull me back inside the clinic and sat me down. We had bought a bottle of water with us and a couple of little cakes with jam inside just incase so he very quickly got me to eat one cake and drink alot of water.

After about 10 minutes i started to feel better although still a little light headed. Poor Alex was very freaked out as i had never almost blacked out so completely before! He got me to eat the second little cake and said it was probably because so much blood was taken this time and my sugar levels were probably very low.

I know from reading my pregnancy books that my body is producing alot of blood now for me and the baby so my body is under alot of stress doing this so thats probably another factor.

After a while i felt ok so we slowly went outside in the rain and walked round a little supermarket buying some stuff for dinner before heading to a bar.

Alex had a coffee and i had a tea 🙂 he also got us both some cakes as he wanted to be sure my tummy was full for the next blood test which would be due.

We had 30 minutes left to wait after we finished in the bar so went to look in a few shop windows. It had been 1 hour since my almost fainting moment so i was not expecting it to happen again!!!

One minute i was fine the next second i was feeling sick again then boom again! I was light headed, my vision went blurry, everything sounded funny. I managed to grab Alex’s arm as my legs almost went from under me!! It was not nice and pretty scary to again fight to stay awake!   keep-calm-its-not-you-whos-nearly-fainting-2

He pulled me along the road back to the clinic where we sat down and i had some water and again after 5 minutes i felt much better. By now Alex was completely freaked!

He went and had a word with the Doctor in the clinic and they said i could come another day for the small blood test to check my sugar levels and it was probably best to get me home.

Alex was then worried about us getting home without me collapsing but i said i was feeling better again. So we managed to get home in the rain with me sometimes letting the rain go on my face which helped alot.

Next we texted the Gyno and she said it sounded like my low blood pressure and to rest for the whole day. I normally have low blood pressure anyway so even if it falls a tiny bit i can feel faint. I dont really have a problem with it or rarely do anyway.

She also said i should start drinking coffee as this raises blood pressure very quickly! I dont like coffee but Alex got me to drink a very light milky one and it wasnt to bad so i guess i can have it once a day.

So yes the English girl now has to drink coffee grrrr! Im a big tea drinker and never really liked coffee which has always got me odd looks here in Roma! Italians LOVE there coffee so i think they think im pretty weird lol

Alex is happy i will drink coffee now as he thinks it makes me more italians…le sigh….he even says i can have cold milky coffee for the summer when its hot!

So in the end it was a combination of my blood pressure dropping to low and my sugar levels being to low from the blood test. I guess these are things to think about now we are so far into pregnancy its not like at the begining! Now my body is working hard for me and Peanut so i guess alot more sensitive to things like this!

So now im feeling tired after this mornings drama, my milky coffee, sweet & salty foods and intend to spend the rest of the day relaxing in my Pj’s!!

We are going to go for the little blood test again on thursday morning luckily i can eat before this one which should make sure i dont pass out or give poor Alex a heart attack! lol



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