Family in Roma! the weekend :)

So my Mum and little sister came to visit us in Roma for just over a week.

They arrived friday evening full of baby stuff for us! woohoo!! Bib’s, bottles, teething rings etc! And also some nice foodie things for me like ginger biscuits, my favorite peanut butter and Mint areo hmmmmm yummy!

After getting them back to the flat we bought freshly roasted chicken legs with potatoes and sage Italian style from the corner shop. It was a nice dinner and everyone enjoy it alot and we were all pretty tired especially my Mum and sister from there traveling so had an early night.

Saturday we took them to Porta di Roma the big shopping mall about a 20 minute drive from us as they wanted to have a look at an Italian shopping Mall. Alex explained that it used to be the biggest one in Europe but was not anymore.

My Mum fell in love with a puppy in the pet shop she which really cute 🙂 We did a bit of window shopping and my Sister bought a cute top in one of the shops we had a look in. They liked to compare prices of clothes to UK prices and look for things a bit different they wouldnt get in the UK.

We ended up having lunch in ‘The Old Wild West’ which is an American burger place me and Alex always like to go in there when we visit the Mall. The food isnt that expensive but you alot on your place! Theres a few things for vegetarians on the menu but if your a meat eater you will be in heaven with there menu selection!


We all ended up having different types of burgers or chicken burgers with chips hmmmmmm yummmy and we were stuffed by the end of it.

They both loved the food even though it wasnt very Italian and Alex joked they would have to eat some Italian food while they were here! LOL

After we got home we went to the supermarket so i could show them what it was like and the differences they could see compared to Italian/UK supermarkets and see what we could get for some meals and sandwich stuff.

I had a nap as i really needed one and my Mum and Sister went to sit in the little park outside in the sun as they want to get as much sun as they can while they are here!

Later we went out for ‘gelato’ (icecream) and a small walk in the park which we all enjoyed very much!

Peanut has been kicking alot lately at night for the last 3 days and keeping me awake so of course i have been getting tired through the day.

Dinner was just sandwiches as we were still all pretty full from lunch time 🙂

Sunday was a quiet day we went to the supermarket again and grabbed a few bits i had missed the day before. (Pasta madness!)

I took my Mum and Sister out to the local big park i used to run in sometimes to get some sun and there was a little Italian Antiques market we wandered around and found some cute bargains!

My Mum bought 3 leather italian handbags second hand for 12 euro and a necklace! My sister bought 2 very pretty tops and i bought 2 second hand bags, a pair of stretchy shorts and a lovely blue stretch dress! It was a really good little shopping trip and everyone was happy!   DSC00903

Both my Mum and Sister struggled a little with the language barrier but i was there to translate english to italian and back again lol They even started to pick up a few words 🙂

And all the Italian people on the stalls were helpful, poilte and nice which they thought was lovely. They always say how friendly Italian people are when they visit!

Next we sat in the big park soaking up the sunshine! It was pretty hot in the park and we watched lots of people having walks with dogs or children and discussed what we would do for the rest of the week.

Then it was home for a dish of pasta for lunch which Alex cooked hmmm pesto and feet up with a cup of tea! which i know is very english of us lol

Later on in the afternoon we all went for a long walk to soak up some more sun and then had gelato again even my Mum had one and she doesnt like dessert very often! She really liked the cherry icecream and said it was much better than UK icecream! My Mum has even started to go brown on her shoulders already which shes really happy about.

Then it was back to the flat for some evening tv, Sky movies and a simple dinner of fried eggs and chips 🙂

So it was a pretty relaxing weekend which i think we all needed and from tomorrow the sight seeing and shopping begins properly 🙂


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