Family in Roma week Part 1

Monday i decided to take my Mum and Sister to a big bancarelle i knew so they could find some bargains they were after 🙂

We dont do designer stuff and never have we tend to see it as a waste of money as you end up just paying for the label! whats the point of that? I dont think i will ever understand it. I never ever will be a brand whore like some people!

So they were happy to go somewhere they could buy something nice but not expensive and as i said find some bargains.

We took the Metro B line along to EUR Fermi where theres a lovely large Bancarelle (market) selling 2nd hand clothes, new clothes, shoes, etc.

It was quite hot and my Mum and Sister started their bargain hunting right away finding some nice things like tops and dresses!

We spent about an hour there roaming up and down and taking our time as its a pretty nice market and if you like a good bargain its Worth a look.

Next we walked down the steps to where there is a big lake and had a leisurely walk around it taking a few photos of the park area around it. Also the lovely fountains at one point you can see as you follow the path round.              DSC00907

My Mum and sister loved this and enjoyed the relaxing walk and catching some more sun which they both wanted to do.

My Sister was facinated by the little green lizards which are common here in Italy and run wild. She kept stalking them with her camera until she had a few shots of them!

Next we headed to the all you can eat Buffet chinese place called ‘Little Budha’ its right next to the Eur Palasport stop and easy walk from the lake.

This place is also nice to visit as the menu is cheap but you can eat as much as you like and the food is very good! 🙂 Lots of variety and choice to choose from.

They really enjoyed the Meal although my Mum said she prefered the English chinese buffet as they use more stronger flavours in the UK. She said she thought they didnt have stronger enough flavours in this chinese food here in Roma and also they use alot more vegtables in the dishes which she wasnt used to!

We headed home after this as i need to have a sleep but they happily went out to the little park outside to soak up the Sunshine which they will miss once they get back to the UK!

Tuesday i decided to take them somewhere more central and to show them some sights. We took the bus then the number 9 tram into the centre of Roma and got off near the Flamino stadium. Here there is another Bancarelle which is only held on tuesdays and fridays but Always Worth a look as its quite big.

We walked around this for about an hour and then headed down the road in the direction of Piazza del Popolo. We sat in a little park and ate our homemade sandwiches and crisps as we wanted to save money on lunches before tackilng the tourist areas.

They really liked the twin churches and monuments in Pizza del popolo and took alot of photos there 🙂 Then we headed to the spanish steps which was covered in flowers it looked so beautiful! We didnt walk up the steps as nobody really wanted to and we were a bit tired already lol


Next was the Trevi fountain which was packed with tourists you could barely move! My sister managed to take a few photos before we moved on to the pantheon which they both really liked.

By now i was sitting outside by a fountain my back and feet were aching and i wasn’t that happy about my desicion to bring them to the centre.

It was way to busy for an almost 6 months along pregnant woman! namely ME! To many people pushing and packed into places! I spent most of the time with my hands protectively on my belly while we walked around and i was exhausted.

So after my Mum and sister had finished looking around we headed to the Macdonalds near the spanish steps to have a milkshake and a sit down.

I like this Macdonalds alot there as it was the first ever Macdonalds opened in Roma and Italy and it looks very spaceage like! 🙂

We all needed a sit down and a drink to recharge before tackling the metro to get home which of course was packed! But we did manage to get seats!

I felt shattered when we got home and needed a bath to revive my feet and back! Apparently we had spent 5 hours walking round the centre of Roma! phew!!

We had also all caught the sun! Me on my chest and face which was slightly red but my Mum and Sister had started to go brown instead! grrrr

That night Alex made a lovely dish of ravioli with spinach and ricotta in a cream sauce for dinner yummy!! I love it when he insists that he should cook, And he wanted to show off his skills to our guests and they loved it!

Wednesday i decided to take as a rest day! And i needed it as i still had slightly tired legs and back ache.

So my Mum and Sister were happy to go out on there own and explore the area i live in properly 🙂 They explored the shops and all the parks they could find. And even found a few more markets to look at.

My Sister even wrote down some Italian phrases on her hand so she could try out some basic talking in Italian which i thought was really brave of her! Especially as she doesnt know any words in Italian at all! 🙂

They also went alone to the supermarket to buy some things togeather and managed to muddle through. I know how scary it can be to not understand a single word of a different language from when i first moved here so im very impressed with both of them.


That evening we took them to the local Irish Pub for some dinner and drinks. It was really nice and relaxed and everyone had fun.

We had burgers Italian style and chunky chips with ketchup and even had chocolate cake for dessert! yummy!!

Alex and my Mum had beers and it was amusing when my Mum’s beer came and it was bigger than Alex’s lol

We took some nice photo’s of eachother as you can see from the pic of me and Alex! 🙂

They loved the easy interaction of watching all the people being friendly around us in the pub. But it had been a long 3 days with lots of walking and it was catching up with them.

So at 9.30pm we headed home so they could lay in bed and watch tv and get some sleep as they would need it with the days we still have left togeather!


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